The more you learn about the smug Donald Sterling, the more you loathe him. His racist rant was almost the tip of the iceberg. His dismissal of Magic Johnson, his lecherous pursuit of very young women, his use of charity only to aggrandize himself – is well documented. Today the LA Times’ front page featured a study of Sterling’s outrageous history of litigiousness. This man sues everybody. He’s in the habit of suing any Clippers players and coaches he owes money to, simply to drag the case through court for years and postpone paying. When a mistress broke up with him, he threatened to sue and force her to go bankrupt paying for her attorneys so she’d have to go back to him. Sterling would say ANYTHING under oath to gain advantage. Of course, all the tenants in his buildings who gave him any kind of trouble are dragged into court. What’s more disgusting than a litigious lawyer? And WHO pays for all this courtroom time? WE do.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Gee,sounds like lots of people with money. Not all but lots.

  2. Court of public opinion, cry all you want. I will call the waambulance for you.

    Doesn’t matter. You can’t force a person to sell their personal property; based on illegal recordings, released from expectation of privacy. in their own home. The Supreme court will never allow it.

  3. Sterling is a Jewish man, the media has conveniently left this fact out. Madoff, Sterling, Ehud Olmert, Silverstein, Seagrams , Spitzer, Weiner, Singer.Of course gentiles are just as corrupt.

  4. What about the loser slut who illegally recorded him to use it for monetary purposes?…Write more about her disgusting acts to try and maintain a lifestyle she couldn’t aquire legally!

  5. @ right. You greatly misunderstand this situation. Sterling will lose his franchise. This is a business contract matter, not something for the criminal courts. He can sell the Clippers and make a fortune off them, or not sell them and they will be worth nothing. They will no longer be part of the NBA. They won’t be able to play NBA games, no tv, no fans, no games…and no players! The NBA will cut them loose and they will get signed by other teams.

    Furthermore, his conversations were taped by his own recording system that he had installed himself. He is the victim of his own greed and evilness. He is not a victim of anything. The Supreme Court has nothing to do with this case. He signed a contract with the NBA and he broke it. He is hated by everyone who knows him. What Janet wrote is the tip of the iceberg. I read bad stories about this POS decades ago! He is reviled everywhere. The Clippers will not play for him, and the NBA will not hold them to their Clippers contracts. Their great coach, Doc Rivers, wanted to quit a month after he was hired, he could not believe the bs the Sterlings dish out.

    I don’t know where you got your ideas from, but they are not even remotely based in truth or reality. The Sterlings have tarnished the NBA, and broken their contract. They are going to be voted out next month. Good f*cking riddance.

  6. His mongrel tranny goldigger is absolutely horrendous

  7. The loser slut? You mean the one who slept with the married man who cheated on his wife?

  8. WE pay for it assumes your readers aren’t sucking the government teet. Highly unlikely based on their liberal rants.

  9. Like you have any idea what the people who post on this site make for a living. Why don’t you go join the other dumb teabaggers over on Faux.

  10. And Janet is absolutely right. Those of us who live here in California do pay, through all our taxes, for assholes like Donald Sterling to clog up our California courts with his bullshit lawsuits. The super rich, the bankers, politicians, and corporations who pay far less tax % than the rest of us, hide their money in offshore accounts, and are given government subsidies (which is nothing more than welfare for corps) are the ones who are really sucking on the government teat. God you Faux News drones are dumb.

  11. I first heard of Donald Sterling back in the 80s when I was in high school, and his rotten business practices was making news back then.

  12. And with all that money, why the cheap, grown-out, home dye job? Seems all the guys that color their hair share the same of reddish brown formula. I think they must just pass it around!

  13. The girl in the photo was on ET. It was laughable. Brainless. Clueless. But got the money.

  14. Yeah, and she actually expects people to believe that she never had a sexual relationship with that old goat! She didn’t get the bucks and the car for her intellect!

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