We were struck by the message on skater Johnny Weir’s t- shirt – and not in a good way. Is he mocking women? NOT every woman is beautiful – and that is a fact. This statement is demeaning because there are far more important traits than beauty- women can be brilliant, kind, funny, creative, whatever. (Can you imagine a t-shirt saying “All Men Are Handsome?”) This All Women Are Beautiful statement was probably started by a cosmetic company attempting to flatter customers. Johnny Weir is not doing women any favors by projecting this silly statement – it is quite insulting. You’d think he would know better…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. There are many forms of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes and is dependent on culture and the media promotion. To you, beauty is only skin deep. I tend to find beauty in everyone. I do not feel anyone is physically ugly–they are only ugly if they are mean or cruel or unkind.

  2. Maybe he is trying to talk about himself? The colors of the words are a rainbow so maybe he is saying he self identifies as a woman? Who knows. His purse must cost a fortune.

  3. Miz Busybody,
    I totally agree with you. All women can be beautiful. True beauty is spiritual and flows from the soul. Women like Indira Gandhi and Golda Meir were beautiful women in what they represented and the inspirational pride they inspired within their society. What about different aspects of racial or cultural beauty? Johnny Weir is pointing out a positive aspect of the feminine sex. I applaud and congratulate him for going beyond the transitory aspects of this society’s idea of beauty.

  4. You LA people have a problem with everything. Not everything has some underlying meaning. Lighten the f–k up.

  5. there is nothing wrong with that shirt. My God Janet stop inventing things to be upset about. it makes you look stupid.

  6. I usually agree with you but this one is a Huge reach . Have a nice weekend ,.

  7. What a bizarre reaction from you, Janet. I agree with Mary, Ms Busy Body and karma. I feel the same way about men. I’ve been attracted to men that might not be a ten using your shallow scale, but I found handsome due to their intelligence and sense of humor, for example. Haven’t you been around people who are considered beautiful but become less so when you realize that they just seem to be empty of substance?

  8. Johnny is professionally past his prime and kind of gross to me. The purse thing is just weird and a cry for attention. Imagine him as he reaches his 60’s with no retirement income and a pile of old leather purses no one wants. Stupid

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