Angelina Jolie identifies as a feminist, but when she got married to Brad Pitt she didn’t have a bridesmaid because she admitted that she didn’t have a single female friend! This week she wrote an ESSAY for Time magazine, oddly titled “Why Girls Deserve Love and Respect on International Women’s Day.” Apparently she thinks that establishing herself as an attentive mother to her daughters illustrates that she is supportive of other women. We have always wondered WHY Angelina has no female friends – we’re guessing it’s because she never TRIED. Can a woman with no female friends really be trusted?

In her peculiar essay Angelina mentioned that two of her daughters have been hospitalized with health problems – above, she brought pillows for Zahara and Shiloh to sit on when they all went to the movies today


  1. This just shows how out of touch you are. You have no sources close to Angelina jolie to tell you of the many women friends she has. Just to name a few Marianne pearl and Loung ung. Oh wait they aren’t famous enough are they? They are real women. Not some phonies from hollyweird.

    She is just not traditional. When she got legally married brad Pitt had his assistant drag Angelina into his office because “it was time to get married” she sat in a chair while the judge married them. The for show wedding was for her kids.

    A feminist does not mean you have to have a bunch of female friends btw. Some of you faux feminists are the most hateful toward women who you don’t understand. Are you helping women gain access to education around the World like Angelina is? She funds many schools around the globe. That’s helping women. having a bridesmaid at a wedding doesn’t mean sh—. Get a clue lady.

  2. Yo Janet ah believe Jennifer Aniston iz sleeping wif Brad Pitt ta spite her ya’ll is mad stupid.

  3. @Me myself and I

    You are so out of touch that you do not even deserve my comment at least. Just google “Angelina Jolie Bilderberg” but I doubt u will understand.

  4. She probably has no female friends because other women are afraid she will try to sleep with their husbands.

  5. Angelina has a long history of admitted drug use and her father has stated she also has mental illness. She has said in a magazine article that she has no female friends.

    She does not appear in public photographed with friends, but only her children. How healthy can it be for these poor children to be marched out to “prove” she is a “fit mother”?

    Compare Jolie to women like Kate Hudson of Laura Dern, who are both children of Hollywood and who have many long-term women friends.

    Agree with Janet.

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