No WONDER so many of Tiger Woods’ girlfriends and mistresses sold their stories – he was a cheapskate with all of them! If he’d been a bit more generous this deluge of tell-alls might not have happened. Besides being a lousy tipper, he never gave his girls gifts or even nights on the town along with his entourage. He even had the nerve to fly them on discount airlines in coach seats for their hotel assignations! And if any of the girls needed money, he turned them down! Now that the girls know about EACH OTHER, they all feel cheated and used and can’t talk enough.

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  1. He’s a pig. Can’t stand him and am sick of hearing about him. Wish he’d retire, get out of golf and go spend his billions out of the sight of working decent people. His wife is insane if she stays with him.

  2. As Ivana Trump is fond of saying…”Don’t get mad, get even”.

    Elin should take the $50 mil, put it all in a Swedish bank, go back to him, and in a few months fix him where he would never cheat again, such as he would forever be peeing thru a straw.

    Then, take the kids and live in Sweden.

  3. OOps, I believe the money offered her was $150 million, not $50 million.

  4. Jasper, not that it makes that much difference when you are talking that much money but I think the figure was actually $250 million. She is set either way. I would leave and find a real man if I were her. I remember a quote when someone asked her what she got for Christmas and she said “$250 million, thank you very much”.

  5. He’s disgusting and if the Enquirer hadn’t outed him, he would have continued in this behaviour unabated. He would have endangered his own and his wife’s health by continuing the affairs with these skanky women for who knows how long. He richly deserves to have had this happen.

  6. He sees them all as the cheap whores they are and treats them accordingly. Elin the nanny? Really. Tiger only went after her because she was white and blonde, that’s how he likes em. Perhaps he failed to see a distinguishing line.

    Anyhoo, Elin can take his money but never the kids. Any attempt on her part to do that will result in Tiger going after her for full custody. I don’t believe any parent should do that to the other. He committed adultery, nothing more, so people need to get over themselves and the money thing. Had she been black, nobody would have given a ratsass.

    And these so called ladies are only angry because they didn’t score silence money. Maybe they were asking for too much and you know, he is cheap. So now they are telling us:

    He is cheap, he is cheap, they had sex, he flew them around, he is cheap, they had sex, he flew then around, his flunkies knew, he is cheap, they had sex, he flew them around, he is cheap, he is cheap, he is cheap, did I mention these LADIES are telling us he is cheap.

    Perhaps they should collaborate and write a 2 page book to tell us how cheap he is and all the sex. Did I say he was cheap.

  7. Yeah, but no one mentioned how really fugly he is….in the face. the lips, ugh. Not to mention the black heart of a heathen buddhist.

  8. Oh please, $5,000/month for sex is a good pay scale!

  9. I grew up around wealthy folks (I am not, unfortunately) and they were ALL cheapskates. That’s how they stay wealthy – they don’t give money away. The folks who were middle class were very generous with their money, thankfully. I needed to sell a lot of candy and wrapping paper in high school!

  10. From the get-go Tiger was married.After the second date with this man,common sense kick in to let you be aware that this man is a miser.If he is a multi-millionaire and flies you across the country in coach and you have sex with him,you have already cheapen yourself.If he never take you out to dinner,
    it’s because he can not be seen in public with you.If he never gave these women any money considering the fact that they seemed to be at his beck and call,they should have left him alone to enjoy his own company,and if he never gave them a single gift,it’s because they allowed themselves to treat him as if he was all that and a bag of chips. I would Never encourage a woman to sell her precious cargo,and Neither would I insist that she give it away.In the words of the old song,”if you dance to the music,you have to pay to the piper”.Tiger is going back to work next week (Playing Golf)and these women who allowed themselves to be devalued and so vocal about how Tiger treated them have set
    themselves up for future unhappiness,because they chose to be with someone who they knew was using them.They would have been better off with a working class man than pursing someone who showed his arrogance,by being stingy,and self absorbed.These women accepted what he dished out, and ended up with nothing but, their a$$es and 2 hands to scratch it with.If these ladies learn nothing else in reference to Tiger,I would enlighten them by saying,never, go after a person for their money (believe me when I tell you) you can borrow it much, much cheaper.Finally:you help him to cheat on his wife with you.If he cheats With you, he will cheat On you. PEACE!!!

  11. Gee, women who expect something in exchange for dates? What does this make them? They did not have to go out with him if they didn’t like the pay scale.

  12. Let’s not forget how he wanted violent angry sex with some of these women. He’s a piece of dung. I just hope Elin doesn’t have a disease from him.

  13. this man is more than loyal to the girls.

    anyway, people of all ages are free to buy “HUSTLER-magazines”.

  14. I’m sure that guy is tighter than bark is on trees. But I also think someone like Tiger (who obviously has low self esteem) needed to feel the girls were with him for more than just money. If he didn’t throw money at them, and they continued to come around, then I think he could fool himself into thinking they liked him and he didn’t really have to pay for sex…that he was just entitled to the adoration of the fans and that included having sex with them. I don’t know, just a thought. I’m sure others on the board will disagree.

  15. These cackling hens made themselves available to Tiger.When they found out that he was a miser, they still hung around.When he no longer wanted them,he bailed. Now these women can Not have it both ways.He’s stingy ,but they want him,he leaves them,but they want him back.Let’s say they all did the same thing,and that was they took a walk on the wild side,it became public and now they all are unhappy,and now Tiger desperately wants what he already had,his wife and family back.

  16. What has his being cheap got to do with them still being advantage-seeking gold diggers and filthy Ho scum?

  17. i always thought he was very unattractive & had a touch of “downs” to the face, was smug & haughty…. but NOW, i am disgusted when i see him! imagining this douchebag philandering & feeling like a hunk of burning love while his wife is oblivious (was she???) the most disgusting read in vanity fair… had sex with the perkins waitress in the parking lot & he had her chuck her tampon out so he could screw her!! OH MY GAWD!!!! right there if i were elin i’d be gone for good! seriously, who has respect for her if she stays????? his team is doing everything they can to keep her on for image reasons = $$$$$$$. like the ugly shit doesn’t have enough. F Tiger!!! but not in the fun way 😉 i hope he chokes on his balls during the masters!!! and cheap to boot, total asswipe..

  18. What are you saying exactly, he should have paid these low class whores more money? Everybody concerned is trash. Especially him.

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