The Jackson family was WARNED it would open up a big can of worms if they proceeded with their lawsuit against AEG Live, charging that the company’s negligence caused Michael Jackson’s death. Many negative things about Michael’s life – his drug addiction and child molestations charges, in particular – would be brought up and examined. NOT a good thing for his surviving children. But the Jackson family was determined to make AEG PAY for Michael’s death. An AEG executive described the lawsuit as “extortion.” Certainly Paris and her brothers were shocked to learn that their beloved father was a raging drug addict. Who knows what their school friends have been whispering. Paris, 15, has grown up without a mother – until recently when she sought a friendship with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe. This greed inspired trial could easily have contributed to Paris’s despair.


  1. Could a BLACK have gotten to her yet? The family is restless and smells $$$ and a white girl.

  2. Such a sad saga that continues.

    The whole family is a mess and now they are dragging this young womman into the chaos.

    So sad. I hope she can regain her confidence and self worth.

  3. The entire Jackson family is crazy, I feel sorry for her. I have yet to see the youngest kid smile, not once

  4. Or, could this be due to the stress of losing her father at the hands of AEG?

  5. Her grandma and relatives are bugging her to preach from door to door and a male relative is reportedly bugging her for a unlawful personal relationship too.. real freaky, perverts in that Jackson family

  6. Doesn’t she just remind you of a brunette Marilyn Monroe.

  7. The poor girl probably reads garbage like that is written on this blog and others like it. People that think they knew MJ personally and know for certain that he was guilty of of what he was “accused” of doing. Bloggers included.

    Side note to Miss Paris Jackson, please stop reading all the fictional, defamatory stories about your father. Lies, all lies. He was a good man and don’t let clueless, classless, people bring you down, because they are just that….CLUELESS & CLASSLESS.

    Mingling you’re right on the mark.

  8. Bluejay-you’re nuts. She doesn’t look anything like Marilyn Monroe. New glasses in order?

  9. He was her father and parent and she probably misses him like crazy. How her life changed so quickly. Sometimes the grief comes a year or two after a death and it just might be too much for her. I’m praying she heals.

  10. is done it for attention?

    be proud to be in a black family!!

  11. this would have NEVER occurred if her father had not been killed . he PROTECTED his kids….

    this is so heartbreaking upsetting and sad….. that family is disgusting and totally complicit in the pain agony and mess these kids are in or will be in…

  12. Look, she’s 15, that is the most difficult age for most teenagers. At some point most people think about suicide, even if they never act on it. She did act on it and I hope someone tells her what they told a friend of mine under her 5150 hold; “there is nothing mentally wrong with you, please take your 72 hours here to think about what you want the rest of your life to be like”.

  13. @Pandora-

    Speak of that which you know. Don’t speculate. I knew Michael Jackson. He hurt many people. Whether or not he was a ‘good man’ is a matter of perspective…

  14. Well tmz is reporting that it was just a big attention whore move on her part.

    Yawn. Time to move on to Amanda bynes.

  15. Tmz may call it attention seeking, but the girl NEEDS attention. Medical/psychiatric attention. She has been through more already in the last 4 years than you or I will ever go through. Cut her some slack and wish her a speedy recovery.

  16. Poor Frank…before all is said and done it will be much more evident that:

    Paris is an attention seeker
    MJ was a multipervert
    BLACK Jackson family member(s) are trying to get Paris in bed!

  17. Ash, you don’t know me or other commenters on this board. I can guarantee you that in 6 months I went through a lot more than this little twit went through in four years. I regret giving her the benefit of the doubt in previous comments on this thread, because in previous threads about her I called it; since the day she spoke at michaels funeral extravaganza at staples center, she’s been dying (literally) to get her attention who’re on. Good luck to her; attention seeking like the kind she’s after will only make people despise you more.

  18. There is a blind item on another gossip site saying she is turning to her mother now because one of her Uncles is sexually molesting her. I would believe that!!

  19. Anybody know what happened to Pathetic Pathetic, Raunchy Rita, or Crusty Christine?

  20. My bad, i meant Pathetic Patrick, Rauchy Reta and Crusty Christine

  21. Need not worry…they all appear under other names!

    As Paula noted this may or may not be Paris but the tragedy is that so many people could see that as a possibility from the BLACK Jackson clan. They look at her both as young and white plus as long term $$$$.

    For P to have any chance at a real life she should be gotten away from that crowd and off to a European boarding school where she could be exposed to some class.

  22. True, she needs help, but many many have had far worse times than her.

    Has she ever been forced into work as a prostitute.

    Has she ever gone to bed hungry.

    Has she ever been poor, really poor.


  23. True, but that is not the way of blacks. Obama wants them enabled and dependent.

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