We weren’t sorry to learn that blowhard Dr Phil’s talk show is as good as cancelled. Our inside souce swears that unless a miracle happens, the show is history. We remember when Oprah introduced Dr Phil with great fanfare and she made him a star. Oprah’s Harpo production company produced Phil’s show and it was immediately successful. As time went on and Phil’s ego inflated, it was apparent he was not the sensitive and compassionate man he appears to be on TV. In fact, according to coworkers, he was a big HAM with brusque manners. As time passed, Phil resented the fact that Oprah controlled his show – HE wanted to own it. Oprah became disillusioned with Phil and did NOT attend his son’s wedding. Without Oprah’s support, Dr Phil’s ratings have slipped. It’s just a matter of time before Oprah waves bye bye.


  1. Good!!!! That guy makes me sick. He gives therapy a bad name.
    Dr. Phil is an egotistical ass and I respect Jerry Springer more this this guy.

  2. I like Dr. Laura.. She calls it the way she see it.
    But, ironically… What these shows don’t really teach is how you can resolve these issues yourself, by getting into a exercise plan and burning off all that negative energy, both couples.
    But, doubt it that’ll ever happen which is why they don’t mind at all prescribing you something to pad you feeling (ie…dope you up).

  3. Good riddance. I hate those holier-than-thou blowhards. Now can we please get rid of Rachel Ray, too?

  4. I would love it if Robin is having an affair & his kids did mounds of crack.He really should shut the hell up already. I hope his show ends up biting him in his fat ass.

  5. Rachael Ray is next because she’s a Pisces and Uranus is transitting Pisces. Uranus is the flip flop planet or as I like to call it “the lord giveth- the lord taketh away” planet. I am so tired of her Joker smile face plastered everywhere. As for Dr. Phil- good riddance. I don’t know his sign but I never liked him.


  7. I particularly likes it when he does the shows about people addicted to plastic surgery. His own wife is so plastic it’s pathetic! Face lift, lipo, breast lift, eye lift, botox, lip implants, restylane, hair extensions. It’s really distracting.

  8. Miss Winfrey had a similar issue with another protegee, Iyanla Vanzant.
    Who has been more successful at this, than Winfrey?
    But no wants to listen to the big O after she has given them a taste of success, they THINK they can do it on their own.

  9. Oprah is still in control. She’s a powerhouse!

  10. Good!
    Hate Oprah.
    Hate Phil more.

  11. I don’t worship at the house of Opran and I sure don’t for Phil….HE is a blowhard and a redneck…Good riddance to bad rubbish…Now if they could just take Rachael off the air…She is obnoxious! Too damn perky…Oh yeah get Katie Couric off the air too!

  12. Are you sure he can be cancelled? I thought I read somewhere that he was renewed through 2011.

  13. Dr. Phil has a big ego, and that is his down fall, plain and simple!

  14. He sure hushed up the fact that his new daughter-in-law posed in Playboy. Don’t think that goes along with his “family values” front. Wonder if she’ll hang around once Phil and the family are off TV and son Jay is as bald as Phil.

  15. LOL Dr.Phil is not cancelled…and his ratings are huge. Janet is a retard.

  16. Dr. Phil and his entire family are media whores with no class. The laughable family Playgirl wedding, as reported on ET! sums it all up. Good riddance.

  17. Dr Phil has been renewed through 2012-2013 season.

  18. He used to have on decent guests who the viewer cared about. Now it’s just Jerry Springer-esque white trash. The guests are so stu[pid you don’t care what happens to them. And the drama! Ridiculous.
    The plastic wife and daughter-in-law, the son…they all just need to go away.

  19. Oh No Oprah. You are not half as good as you think you are. You’re just a good actress…………..and Ronald Reagan was a good Actor!

  20. Hey Lady, this one good gossip. He kills me with his holy routine but he son kept real when he married the playboy bunny. Can she get rid Rachel Ray too.

  21. This cancellation will save more marriages then he ever could of hoped to on his show!
    Pompous easy answers ala Dr. Laura.
    Good riddance fat head.

  22. I’m officially not coming to your website anymore. Not because of the Dr. Phil comment, but because you are not even fact-checking your “gossip”. Dr. Phil is not being cancelled and his contract was renewed for many years. Where do you get your information, Janet?

  23. Um, this is a “gossip” web site – maybe it’s more true that you know since you are probably sitting at your computer in your underwear.
    I hate that guy. Any fat jerkwad who has the guts to write a diet book and lecture people about losing weight is the ultimate in hypocritical delusion.

  24. I’m also leaving you are not fact checking things you write anymore. As much as I don’t love Dr.Phil this is totally incorrect.

  25. You are missing the point. If his contract has been renewed, it shouldn’t have been. The quality of his show has really gone downhill. His loyal fans are really bailing out. And the wife and kid participation isn’t helping. His show jumped the shark a few seasons ago.

  26. I for the most part, enjoy Dr. Phil…
    However, as a viewer, I did NOT sign on to Dr. Phil’s wife or Dr. Phil’s son having an ancillary career as a tie-in to the Dr. Phil Show.
    Dr. Phil’s own show became a regular staple in many of our homes, because for over a year, he earned our trust *via* Oprah and her show’s introduction and steady diet of Dr. Phil.
    His wife and his son, no matter that they may be good and well-meaning people, were not part of that diet, and no matter that Dr. Phil believes they might be well qualified, the whiff of nepotism additionally doesn’t help.

  27. Robin’s lovely, but she’s just not credible. He diluted his brand when he started including her so much. Can anybody say “co-dependent?”
    As for the son, he is just a mini-me version of Dr. Phil. Annoying when he spews all that so-called advice.

  28. Dr. Phil is a big goof ball. Thank GOD his show is cancelled!!!! Rumor has it, he is a BIG ASS!!!!

  29. Screw all of you! Dr. Phil is GREAT. He is the best damn therapist. It will be a sad day when his show is cancelled

  30. Robin, is that you?
    He is a good therapist, but he has traded it all in for higher ratings–his strategy isn’t working, by the way.

  31. There is no doubt he has had a falling out with the big 0. The show sucks. I’m guessing she pulled all her best people out, but she will keep him under contract until his brand is ruined. Don’t with the HBIC.

  32. Can’t stand the way he’s brought his wife and son in – used to like him, now very rarely watch. I could see how it would be cancelled.


  34. The wife and son thing is just so over the top. I guess you could say nepotism ruined his show. He has a big blindspot where his family is concerned. He needs to “get real.”
    How’s that workin’ for you Dr. Phil?

  35. HILARIOUS! The guy is a blowhard. He’s gotta go!

  36. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many people who feel like I do. He doesn’t have many defenders on this board…

  37. In that SAW- themed worn bathroom scene where Dr. Phil said to Shaq in the movie Scary Movie 4 about his TV show to keep gullible happy really shines now.

  38. I wonder if anybody from the Dr. Phil show mines these gossip sites. I know this isn’t scientific and it is probably skewed to people who don’t like the show anymore, but I think there is some constructive criticism they need to hear…

  39. phil sucks ass
    i hate him and his stupid show
    also rachael ray
    oY thanks oprah for putting 2 of THE most annoying assholes in TV to bug the crap out of everyone.,
    all 3 losers.

  40. Dr. Phil is a blow hard Texan. Incidentally, all people from Texas are just like him. Must be all the poisons in the air and waters in that godforsaken place.

  41. I agree with most of the people here. He used to be ok… But then he brought in his family, all of which look like a creepy hybrid cloning project gone weird. And then you have his son doing his house reno and family show and now phil’s show is very much like springer with that dr phil house crap..
    How can he give advice when his has been caught cheating on his wife years ago, son marries a playboy centerfold, etc.. I thought they were supposed to live what they preach?? Oh well.. Next..

  42. I think Dr Phil got off base when he incorporated Robin and his son into the program. What the heck do they know? Dr Phil at best, just has a degree in common sense. I hate to see Robin on his show cause it’s not her show to begin with. But when the kid married that playboy bunny with her fake boobs and nothing to look at otherwise, that did it for me.

  43. Has anyone considered that his son has absolutely NO qualifications for his involvement with the books, shows, etc. that he’s on? A law degree does not a counselor make, and Phil constantly crowed about how Jay had some sort of gift which allows him to be accepted by teens as one of their own. This reminds me of the pathetic, insecure loser parent who tries to bribe the kids on the block to play at their house so their own kid will appear popular…lol…

  44. Everyone who has posted here needs to do research on the bogus Dr. Phil. He needs to GET REAL and GET HONEST. I am not talking tabloid news but articles by legitmate journalist writing for national newspapers. When everything starts to unravel his popularity will fall like a house of cards. I think Oprah regrets ever giving him a platform.

  45. dr. Phil has run his course…………he’s getting poor white trash with no common sense on his program now. Jerry Springfield had nothing on this guy!

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