It wasn’t long after Kathy Griffin RETRACTED her Trump apology and Andy Cohen “forgot“ who she was, than she packed her bags and took off on her “Laugh Your Head Off” world tour. Brilliant move! She’d lost all her jobs in the US – even her traditional New Year’s Eve special with unsupportive Anderson Cooper, whom she called a “spineless heiress.” (We happen to think everyone overreacted to her lame Trump head photo – she’s a comedian and they sometimes make mistakes. No big deal.) Now Kathy’s appearing at sold-out comedy clubs in Melbourne and THEY have nothing against her! Kathy loves to make fun of celebrities and now she can REALLY dish the dirt on all the ones who turned against her. She’s making lemonade out of lemons….

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  1. Loved the Trump joke. From Kathy’s hand to God’s ears…

  2. No way. She can dish the dirt but if anyone “attacks” her, she boo hoos and doesn’t forget or forgive. Remember Jay Leno making a joke about her appearance? Remember her trumpeting how Barbara Walters banned her from the View? Remember her charges against others? Professional victim. Narcisstic. How about the years of making fun of Clay Aiken being gay before he was ready to acknowledge being gay? I dislike her intensely.

  3. Yeah, Janet. I’m SURE Kathy really loves the fact that she can resume her career in Australia knowing her career is DOA here in the States. Kathy isn’t funny, she is thin skinned, and her beheading joke of Trump was a really stupid move. It wasn’t even comedy. She wouldn’t have done that to Obama or any left leaning moron pol. She is a ignorant leftist hack like you Janet.

  4. Good now the Aussie’s can deal with this small minded woman who blames everybody for everything and takes ownership of nothing( but her own ego)…

  5. Well, exile in Australia is better than nothing, one supposes.

    But it’s ludicrous to believe that she’s making anywhere near the income she was formerly capable of commanding stateside.

    Her pathetic attempt at agit-prop–with the beheading stunt–was an act of desperation. And her stock has only taken a nosedive since then, as her list of sworn enemies continues to grow: the K&B Homes Exec. neighbor; Lisa Bloom; and now Andy Cohen; she will find that making herself about as popular as a Donna Karan cashmere sweater (we’re using ours to clean up after two Golden Retrievers and their prodigious output 😀 ) is not a wise business move.

  6. You think that because she is a comedienne(which is debatable)that gives her a pass on making a mistake? What she did was not a mistake, it was an intentional act meant to give her publicity and attention. It was wrong, and it would be wrong for her to do that with anyone. How is that funny? Would you have liked it if she did that to Obama or Sanders or Clinton? Probably not. So, if it’s not cool for her to do it for one person, it’s not cool for her to do it to another simply because she does not like his politics. Its’ clear she can dish it out, but she can’t take it. She has a right to freedom of speech, but others do as well, and I;m glad she got her butt kicked out of any gig she had. Shame on her, and shame on those who think what she did was just an innocent mistake.

  7. She knew what she was doing with that beheading ‘stunt’. I think she was trying to ride wave of the Hollywood anti-Trump sentiment and it backfired in her face.

    Now she is picking media fights to keep her name in the press. Did she really expect Anderson to support her photo?

    Why can’t she lay low and enjoy the time she has left with her lovely mother until this all blows over?

  8. Because her mortgage (literal meaning: “death-pledge”) won’t pay for itself.

    And despite the brave, heavily made-up face Kathy’s attempting to put on things (this blog-posting, case in point), her work opportunities have dried up like gelato in the Gobi Desert. 🙁

    Why do you think she is trying to shame Lisa Bloom into refunding the money she gave her for “legal fees?”

  9. Oh, DEAR–and please forgive the harsh language and all-caps–but the latest pictures of Kathy from Down Under are mortifying.

    She’s depicted being led by her boyfriend’s hand as she strides along with the most disturbing rictus-“smile” since The Joker. She looks unhinged, truly.

    And by turning that blue dress from the beheading photo-shoot into some sort of symbol of her Unsinkable Molly Brown-ness (she’s wearing it during her performances), Kathy proves that even at this late stage in the game, she Just. Doesn’t. Get. it.

    We are reminded of the late Whitney Houston’s Australia appearances, toward the very end, when she was far from being at her best. A frequent target of Kathy’s, ironically enough, she too turned to the Aussies when things got rough back home. 🙁

    Houston had talent, however. What in the world will Griffin do when absolutely no one else is interested in listening to her?

  10. I like her shows…….most of the times. I can’t stand Trump. However, I didn’t care for that particular joke one way or the other. Why would she possibly think that Cooper and Cohen would back her on anything like that? Career suicide for Cooper if he did and she knows it.

  11. Andy Cohen sucks, he done fukced up this time. Kathys got the receipts and Andy doesn’t have jack!

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