What with all the speculation about exactly WHY Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up, naturally the subject of Scientology was bound to come up. Jennifer has admitted that her father has been a Scientologist for over 20 years, and coincidentally or not, her only best friend Leah Remini, happens to be one also! (And don’t forget her buddies Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) It’s entirely possible that Jennifer’s house is staffed by Scientologists. Plus Jennifer said she wouldn’t mind sending her twins Max and Emme to Scientology school. This MIGHT have rubbed Marc the wrong way. He has never been committed to the cult. Taking into consideration the fact that the church of Scientology encourages its members to distance themselves from non-believers, this COULD be a contributing factor to the divorce. Scientology heartily supports divorcing “enemies of the church.” So maybe Marc WASN’T” too controlling” or “cheating” at all…



  1. Yeah it may have been a factor. Just as him being bankrupt and a bit of an ugly duckling was probably a factor as well. Never understood this union.

    She used him for his seed. That’s it! She didn’t want to have overweight children so she married a waif for a man.

  2. Looking at the above picture again, it seems these children will probably end up looking J-LO & Mark Anthony Bobble-heads. Talk about huge melons, and I ain’t talkin’ about Jennifer’s tata’s

  3. I can’t see mark or Jennifer in sciencetology because of catholic upbring in nyc. I can’t see Jennifer working to give away her money to a church unless she can make tom cruise money but even tom cruise is waining. Marc was married to miss universe and had 2 kid with her and if that is the case I could see him going back to miss universe.

  4. Marc is suppose to be 5 feet 8 inches. I think that is about three inches too high. The man is small built and short. Look at the photo above. Doesn’t Tom Cruise look so much bigger and taller than Marc?

    I don’t think she was all that in love with him. I think she still loved Ben when she got married to Marc.

  5. Had we not broken beliefs into certain religions, we could have simply called it spirituality. Then perhaps the world would have been spared so many wars, hatred & injustices. Seems the only “cult” these Scientol-idiots worship are the almighty dollar.

  6. I totally believe he is controlling. He was on American Idol (not sure when because I don’t watch the show and just happened upon the episode). He seemed like a controlling a-hole who was jealous of his wife’s position on the show and was trying to gain some of it himself. Find the episode and watch it. You’ll see. I’m not buying this cult stuff. And I agree with the other poster who said she was in love with Ben when she married Skelletar.

  7. I know Tom Cruise is short, and he may be wearing lifts in this photo, but Marc Anthony must be a real fidget.

  8. Tiny Tommy was probably wearing lifts and/or standing on his tippy toes right before pic was taken.

    If it’s true that Marc was teed off about SCI and left her because of it, then he is the smart one. All the fools in Scientology, without exception, are going to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.

    I don’t think Jenn was still in love with Ben, because he did everything he could to break up w/ her, purposely being seen in strip joints getting lap dances and making sure the paps took pics of him there. If they had married, it would not have lasted.

  9. Her publicity machine is still grinding out “saint jen” but the truth is many affairs w/ BLACK Puffy during the marriage and so much plastic surgery on her bod, including vaginal and anal “tune ups” from where the damage occured. This picture shows a lot in the very plastic look.

  10. @HJ, it wasn’t only one show. He was seated behind her almost the whole season and would be caught talking to her during the taped audition episodes. During the season finale when he performed, Ryan Seacrest made a point of saying the he was always very helpful behind the scenes.

    My own opinion is that American Idol put her back on the radar screen, she had her first #1 hit in years, she got endorsements, and decided she did not need him anymore. Simple as that.

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry..On Hells kitchen your words have to back up your actions.Big talk and action goes hand in hand..Hell kitchen completely rocks says:

    It is okay to look at other people point of view on matters that concern a friend and it is great to learn other ways in life and..It is Better to keep an open mind..As far as Level goes to each there own and…Learning is key to life and finding respect in other peoples feelings is key to Friendship.

  12. Karsahaian before Kardashian. The latest HIT was ripped off from another singer. Amazing that this has not been reported.

  13. Leaha Rimini and J.lo scream Closeted lesbian couple to me…..

  14. There have been some reports of her bisexuality but she remains totally willing to give up large amounts of booty for whenever that will help her.

    Her managers deserve so much credit for making a mostly talentless woman, without a good command of language, very wealthy.

    Google: J Lo tries to sing Streisand to get a load of the real J Lo singing tanent (none).

  15. Her voice is terrible and the songs are taken from others….amazing that the young Hispanic girls pay money for he screeching and think it is cool.

  16. The pictu4re of her with BLACK Puffy should always be shown along with the ones from before she had the Hispanic frizz cut and replaced with numerous wigs.

  17. Asshole would you give it a fucking rest you pitiful rascist!!

  18. Amazing comment from Melvin….maybe there is an opportunity for “hire an enabler” all those who are trying to game the system would help!

  19. I never understood how Lopez got famous in the first place; she’s a terrible dancer and a terrible singer.

  20. She became famous with good managers and from providing BLACK Puffy Combs massive amounts of booty in order to keep her in the spotlight. He was ready to comply as an very unhandsome BLACK man, seen with a much whiter looking woman who was happy to wear street hooker outfits to please him.

    The picture of her with BLACK Puffy should always be shown along with the ones from before she had the Hispanic frizz cut and replaced with numerous wigs.

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