Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

He’s only been officially split from Shannon Elizabeth for two days and already Derek Hough is looking a little like a lonely guy. Derek and Shannon announced that their romance was over with matching tweet posts on Friday. He’s seen here skateboarding to a tanning salon. After a tanning session he meandered on wheels into The Grove.


  1. Really good strict God-fearing Mormons are Derek Hough and Julianne Hough. Yeah, right.

    I agree with Liz: Derek looks and acts like a faggot. Why did he hook up with this 11 year older cougar if not to mask his penchant for men.

    And, his sister, Julianne, APPEARS to be 100% straight, witness the many public displays of affection and make-out sessions between her and Chuck Wicks.

    Will they be ex-communicated from the church which strictly forbids such hi-jinks?

  2. Very sad Shannon & Derek are no longer together–they were such a great couple!

  3. Dancers and dance instructors who are of a slight build are usually faggots….don’t argue with the truth. What did Shannon see in him, she must have been between men.

  4. He’s cute and appealing, but skateboarding for transportation suggests he’s a little too young for any serious relationship.

  5. I agree with Liz, he’s always seemed gay to me. Pity that, if he is, he cannot be open about it or get will get judged and harassed by people, particularly those in his church.

  6. This pair-up was ri-DICK-ulous from the beginning. Derek must be BI, or, like, any port in a storm.

  7. Derek has never professed to be a strict (or even practicing) Mormon so the sneers above are unwarranted. I feel sorry for you. He’s plenty clean cut and head and shoulders above many in Hollywood, or any big city for that matter.

    Anybody who knows Derek or even knows much about Derek knows he’s delightfully straight. And a cutie to boot!

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