It’s funny to see how bundled up Ashton Kutcher is compared to his wife Demi Moore at the red carpet premier for ”Valentines Day” in blustery London. Ashton is comfortable in a cashmere overcoat and scarf while Demi looks cute, but shivers in a strapless short dress and bare legs. When your dress is borrowed or donated by a designer, the celebrity is obliged to be photographed wearing it no matter WHAT the temperature.



  1. What a stupid tradition that is. As if these stars aren’t rich enough to buy and pay for their own threads and put a coat over it and cover up and be warm on a cold night. How idiotic can they get? The dress isn’t even worth freezing her butt off over anyway with those giant napkins sewn onto it. It looks like she got up from the table and her napkins stuck to her dress and she just left them there. Not so hot.

  2. Golly Gee, Ashton looks so different. He looks like no more than 25 years old here.

  3. I totally agree with Reta. I’m sick of these Hollywood “stars” having everything handed to them. And what do dress designers think…that the rest of the population is going to run out and paste paper napkins on their clothes because that old hag Demi Moore has a dress with them on it? She looks ridiculous dressed like that, and freezing her ass off while her sonny boy is all bundled up. They look ridiculous.

  4. Julia Phillips once said that actors/actresses are nothing but streetwalkers, and the sight of one of them standing out in the cold scantily dresses proves the point.

  5. Valentine’s Day is none other than the old Roman pagan celebration called Lupercalia. Go figure. A waste of time, energy and money for nothing. Just like Xmas, Easter and other so-called festive days. As for Ashton&Demi, theyre getting ridiculous day by day.

  6. I’m sure they tweeted about the whole experience. They don’t seem to do anything other than that these days. She’s not cold cause her body is now 97% plastic.

  7. americans hate it: BEING PHYSICALLY OLD.
    their brains have already passed.

  8. al kay duh thinks she is looking older and older every minute. poor thang.

  9. Nonsense people, sheer nonsense. They are both at the same low intellectual levels, both attention whores with their tweeting ways, but somehow they managed to stay together and look happy. Not many ‘regular’ couples can do that. Give them a break. MY grandma was 11 yrs older than grandpa and they were very happy to the end. It happens.

  10. Casonia Sade Logenberry Fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Tom Cruise Can't Cook in Real life Major Joke. says:

    Demi my dear your movies are pretty dam good and I love seeing you happy and strong and your Husband is doing well in 3 and Half Man and you two look on top of the world and you two look incredible.

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