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“Dancing with the Stars” winners Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough arrived in New York this morning looking remarkably fresh after the nerve wracking contest finale last night and red-eye flight (albeit on a private plane) immediately after. The pair is booked on TV shows all day. On their way to the Regis and Kelly show, Derek stopped to play with a cute puppy. We would have been miserable if Nicole hadn’t won – she is an amazing talent – and a classic beauty.


  1. I agree with you Janet, but I hope in future seasons they do NOT choose people who are ALREADY dancers, such as Nicole was a professional dancer, and also the other finalist Evan Lysacek who was a professional iceskater which is much the same as dancing. To me, it put them at an unfair advantage over the other participants who had no such training. I think the TRUE winner should have been Erin Andrews as she came the farthest and had no professional training prior to the show. And that she kept up as well as she did with that level of professional people was really something. This was an unfair season, because the playing field was not equal from the beginning. I hope they don’t do that again, or I’ll quit watching.

  2. I think it sucks that DWTS put Nicole in the show, an extremely professional dancer who has been dancing and singing for years. Also, I say bull-crap to Evan when he says that his years of skating has no effect on dancing. He definitely has an advantage with footwork, balance, spinning, etc. As to Erin, she did have professional training since she was a youngster on up into her teens. They showed clips of her in dance class on DWTS. So, imho, this reality show is bogus. Also bogus us the fact that they made no mention of the voting and if Nicole and Derek squeaked by or if it was a runaway or what. The only thing good about DWTS is that it took multitues of viewers away from the boring American Idol and Ryan Seacrest who always looks like an idiot who is perpetually confused.

  3. I can’t stand Ryan Seacrest either and by the way the stupid internet has already announced that Lee Dewyse has won, and the show hasn’t even started yet! They shouldn’t do that when the west coast hasn’t seen it yet, why bother to even watch it now?

    As fasr as DWTS I sure hope that from now on, they keep ALL the dancers and people with previous eperience out, and, if like you said Erin had eperience too, then she should not have been on the show either. And Evan absolutely had an advantage with his skating! Are you kidding me? Skating IS just dancing, but on skates! It’s still posture, balance, elegance, all the same factors. Time to get this show straightened out or it’s time to shut it down.

  4. Worst season ever. Nicole’s a skank. Look for her sex tape to hit soon.

  5. I wouldn’t put someone who took dance lessons as a child in the same category as an adult who’s career involves dancing. I think with this skill, you use it or lose it. While Erin may have had a foundation, Nicole’s presence was unfair to the other competitors. And I don’t think that Shannon Dougherty should have been voted off first. She was not the worst in the beginning.

  6. No, the astronaut, the baby factory, and the BIG MOUTH Niecy (can’t STAND her!) should have all gone at once in the first week! They were horrible and made the show miserable to watch. Niecy shoving food down her throat at every opportunity, and the stiff as a “STIFF” Kate Gosslin, and the robotic geezer were just painful to try to watch. HORRIBLE season. WORST ever! And that “bachelor” guy and his cross-eyed fake tits girlfriend sucked too!

  7. Shannen Doherty was not half bad, yet she got voted off before Kate Gosselin, who was the worst ever. The show is fake and the votes mean nothing because I think the ones that run the darn show boot out who they want to when they want to. It’s all about money and ratings, what else, right?

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