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Her face tells it all. Kirstie Alley is showing the strain of her strenuous daily rehearsals for the all-star version of Dancing With the Stars. Usually she smiles and does a spin for paparazzi, but today she was too drained and simply staggered to her car. Apparently 61year old Kirstie’s body isn’t accustomed to the daily punishment yet. Or maybe she thought the second time around (she placed second in 2011) would be easier. Her partner Maxsim Chmerkovskiy left rehearsal with considerably more pep in his step.


  1. I hope to GA they find someone who can actually design FLATTERING freaking costumes for people on this stupid show this year……so many of them make me want to ice pick my eyes…..a few they made her wear were SO horrific I couldn’t believe it, too many of them on everyone are unbelievably hideous…..NOT that I will watch more than bits and pieces of the 1st show……

  2. Not much of a story JC. Actually she looks no worse than any 61-yr old woman w/o makeup, especially one coming from the gym. I’ll give her credit anyway for getting the fat off.

  3. Her soul will be rebelling too, if she does not get out of Scientology……now.

    My personal opinion on DWTS is: I think the general public does not want to see the same stars that have been on previously. After all, they have been trained. We want to see a new crop of stars that start from the beginning and then improve. I think DWTS is starting to fade due to this error, (and that is just an opinion).

  4. She was the one who hooked John Travolta into Scientology when they did a movie together. They ALL need to do a mass exodus and leave that little troll David Miscavage flapping in the wind.

  5. Pit Bull Lover

    “….so many of them make me want to ice pick my eyes…..”




    “…leave that little troll David Miscavage flapping in the wind.”

    LOL!!!! Love that!!!!


    Wish she would cut her hair! It is wayyyyy toooooo longgggg !!!!! She would look 15 yrs younger if she did something with that hair!!!!

    Still, I am gladd too (as Strom mentioned) that she has kept most of the weight off thus far.

  6. This screwed up scientologist has been a hot mess for a long time. I don’t watch DWTS anymore and certainly won’t if a brainwashed cult member is on there.

  7. Even as knarly as she looks, Oprah, Hillary C., Ellen, Sam Ronson and other celebritydykes would have her legs apart in a Hollywood second!

  8. @Walt Cliff

    Thank you!



    “…leave that little troll David Miscavage flapping in the wind.”

    LOL!!!! Love that!!!!

  9. what a completely irrelevant and stupid thing to say Strom,

    what’s wrong ? your doll deflated ? no children to stalk ? no ethnicities to insult ? piss off sicko !

  10. Your right James, my comment was pretty stupid and offensive. Sometimes I even sicken myself


  11. Poor little imposter returned to get its jollies.

    Amazing that James finds fault in a statement that is a true as can be. None of the aforementioned dykes would pause for a moment at the opportunity to bed Ms. Alley!

  12. So what. everyone looks tired when they go through strenuous exercise. give Kirstie a break. Most viewers couldn’t do what she’s doing no matter what their age. I admire Kirstie for what she’s doing and hope she gets all the support she wants and needs.

  13. The flamers will always be there – they flame anyone and anything – especially anything good. Kirstie is a tiger and ANYBODY can have a bad candid photo taken! She is beautiful and GOOD for her for doing DWTS and being herself in a culture that knocks you down for doing so. She’s a rebel and wow that’s admirable, not something to be knocked.

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