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Drew Barrymore invited all her friends to a “prom party” because she didn’t get to go to her prom back in high school. Here’s Courtney Love arriving with her mystery date – looking very 80’s. We’d give anything to see Courtney’s REAL prom photo – if there was one. Probably back in high school she was already hanging around on Melrose Avenue looking for rockstars.

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  1. I’m sure I read somewhere that her prom photo was used on the front cover of Live Through This?

  2. Her date is David Lachapelle, no mystery here.

  3. no, spacelamb. That photograph was taken of a fashion model by Ellen Von Unwerth.

  4. You call yourself a Hollywood “reporter” and you don’t know who David LaChappelle is? So sad!

  5. He looks fat and goofy in this picture I didn’t even recognize him.

  6. I wonder if he’ll get to first base after the dance.

  7. Janet, don’t you know how to proofread? First you report she never went to the prom, then you say you’d like to see her prom photo! Lay off the weed for a week or so.

  8. The seventies called, Courtney, and they want their clothes back.

  9. It is definitely David Lachappelle. There was already a news story about how the two were “dating” and Courtney’s first words were “This is my boyfriend and he’s not gay”. He is a wonderful photographer and I love his kitschy colorful photographs but as far as I know he is definitely gay.

  10. David LaChapelle…you’re slipping Janet. Slipping.

  11. what about the outfit drew barrymore wore, and the goofy getups the guests wore? this sounds like one of the cheezy movies drew was in like the wedding singer.
    bfd over whomever david lachapelle is.
    my bet says that there was no big prom party, just these two got themselves tweaked and went out to a diner dressed like this. lmfao

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