We love a conspiracy theory because so much work and research are usually put into them. This internet rumor we found on BuzzFeed, concerns Beyonce and insists that there is a Texas birth certificate out there that proves that Beyonce was born in 1974, NOT 1981, and she is actually 38 or 39 years old. Wait – it gets better. The theory also suggests that Beyonce got pregnant at 12 or 13 and gave birth to Solange – the family covered it up by pretending Solange was born to Matthew and Tina, Beyonce’s parents. This means Beyonce is now a mother of two and a grandmother to 26 year old Solange’s eight year old son. Whether this rumor becomes a Hollywood legend like the untrue Richard Gere/gerbil rumor, remains to be seen.



  1. Jan, I like the Marilyn Monroe conspiracy theories more…

  2. I could see that because Beyonce has always taken Solange’s little boy Daniel all over the world with her even if his Mom/Solange wasn’t there. I always thought that Beyonce’s attachment to Daniel was above and beyond just an Auntie. It all makes senses.

  3. I’s true … But, it was probably the Jews who made her pregnant, all of them, or Strom, cause he has the Super Herpes.

    But, what probably really happened was Justin Beiber is Solange’s father, as they totally look alike.

    Or .. wait, maybe Solange is Beyonces Auntie, cuase if you divide Beyonces’s name by a factor of 4.35671 , and then divide by the square root of Pi, then add it to the creepy, inscestuous Southern Baptist secret number of 23, you get the number 21225, which spells baby.

    Is obvious, obviously. Totally !

  4. Clearly, Enzo and Tutti, have figured out the conundrum.

    Super Herpes. Strom, you slut ! Lakes O Fire !!!

  5. Janet, this is the reason no one ever invites to the cool parties.

  6. Little doubt that Bey was parting her legs @ 12 and that today she may be part of the 50% of BLACK women who have and spread herpes.

  7. dear Mr.@Strom

    After considerable discussion in our department, we suspect that your commentaries on this blog, may in fact be – symptomatic evidence of a HerpesViral induced encephalitis.

    Our reasoning is this:

    You superficially (as we’ve not yet physically examined you) present most of the classic symptoms of the disease; in particular – a notable decrease in brain function, and the resultant confusion – as well as an array of the most typical, compulsive obsessive behaviours such as: your BLACK Herpes Thing obsession, habitually mentioning other peoples anal and other body fluids, an observable and profound fixation with unknown strangers sexual activities, a routine yet profound lack of general awareness/sophistication in the use of highly and disturbingly inappropriate sexual references to children, and of course, the inexplicable, but (admittedly) amusing – gay island etc.

    In fact, we love you around here, in out lab at least, you’re the poster boy for reduced brain function. ( we’re neuro-bio folks )

    Is there any chance you’d give us your e-mail so we could correspond more effectively ?

    Please ? We’d like to run some diagnostics, no spinals, promise.

  8. You would think that a few hundred kids went to high school with Beyonce and could offer some insights. I just watched a 1993 Star Search episode with Beyonce ( As much as I would like to believe the conspiracy theory, I find it hard to believe that a 19 year old would have dressed like that or even that anyone would think it would be a good idea to disguise a potentially sexy 19 year old as a 12 year old in order to get music business success. Too far-fetched, I’m afraid!

  9. @Pinky – it makes, idiot, coz we are massively lied to and deceived from all points of view. Its enuff to google “beyonce gisel manier” and heres the truth about her….

  10. She was born very BLACK and kinky haired. But to attract the interest of men and $$$$ she has used every trick to become lighter and blonde with straight hair.

    They are so ashamed of their race.

    By sandy
    On March 11, 2013 at

    Is Beyonce black or white???

  11. She is very fake and I still don’t believe she had her baby.As for being Solange mom I don’t think.

  12. Bridget, it is as you’ve yourself pointed out ” I don’t think”.

    and while I’m here,
    Strom, xyz, and abe, take your lithium you retards.

  13. it’s terrifying to read on this modest little blog, such a grotesque chorus of irreparable stupidity, and blind featureless racism.

    Thank god none of you, could ever influence anyone else beyond your little chorus of retards.

    White sheeted pedophiles and window-lickers, thank god you’ll never reproduce.

  14. I gave up trying to fight him. Strom is an impenetrable, racist agenda, troll.
    It’s not fun here anymore.

  15. we suspect that Strom is a Black Lasbian self hater who hates Morgan Freeman movies

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