Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is living like a single guy- he drove his military green Hummer (it runs on eco-friendly vegetable oil) to visit his buddy, hairdresser Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills. Franco has been responsible for Arnold’s hair for almost 30 years – Arnold comes to the salon twice a month for color and hair treatments etc . Giuseppe also travels with Schwarzenegger when necessary. It’s nice that Arnold is loyal to his old friends, but Giuseppe is no genius when it comes to natural looking color – for himself OR Arnold. Franco’s hair is shoe polish black, and Arnold’s is faintly orange.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Both of them have seen better days but they are aging quite well. The hair colors are obvious from the bottle but it’s Hollywood.

  2. Like my mother used to say, He (hairdresser) should’ve been a truck driver.

  3. LOLOLOL Janet is hilarious ! I agree about the hair color of each of these old women in the photo

  4. They are stuck in a fashion-character style-era rut and need to purge that urge, dig their way out of the old into the new..

  5. Remember him when he was still called Joey Corsaro–and was BFF with Kristy McNichol, who bankrolled his salon business?

    He, Kristy, and Ina Liberace (Lee’s niece) used to be fixtures at the Odyssey disco on Beverly Blvd.

    Joey’s got to be over 50 by now. The super-skinny frame and jet-black helmet do nothing to hide that.

    Ahnold: no comment! 🙂

  6. Ya know the problem Arnold has is the roles he plays now days suck.
    He ought to be in a movie where he arrives in his new town by rails, like the way some Mexicans show up in towns. They hop a freight train and ride on the hopper – probably a nerve racking ride, but cheap and quick. Clearly, the railroad industry probably doesn’t want to showcase this so as to encourage this mode of transportation as every year somebody is cut in half. But, ya have to wonder how a novel love story would work for the guy and it be directed by somebody like George Lucas…. Course, imagine if Arnold rode into town on a bicycle touring bike, bunch of bags… scruffy looking beard and the town is in Brazil so people can see sites for when they go there for the Olympics. Hey, remember Arnold stood right in this spot and took a selfie….for his book.

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