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We’re always fascinated by who turns up at the Hollywood Collectors Fair in Burbank, and who pulls in the big bucks. Celebrities charge around $25 for a photo with a fan (plus they sell lots of memorabilia) and a LOT of cash changes hands during this weekend. Actors can bring home from $3000 to ten or twelve thousand dollars in CASH. The big earner of his weekend’s show was Cloris Leachman – she had lines around the block on both days of the show. We haven’t seen Joe Penny (from the series “Riptide” and “Jake and the Fatman”) in a very long time. It was Cheryl Tiegs’ first show and we hear she looks very different but we’re still looking for a photo of her from the event.

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  1. She’s holding up much better than the Penney, isn’t she?

  2. no doubt: A LOSER’s MEETING OF AGED PERSONS, folks!!

  3. He’s adorable – always was and always will be. Everyone ages – he’s still a hunk

  4. I hate it when celebs charge money for their autographs. I have a disabled child who tries to get as many sports autographs as he can, it would be impossible for us if they charged. Autographs should be free, fans pay enough for movies, dvds, concerts, cds, games, and other marketing stuff that celebs get rich off of, they should not be expected to cough up $30 for a cheesy autograph after standing in line. I will never pay for one, or allow my son to.

  5. this is for Georgie:

    Sorry but not all celebs at the autograph show got rich as you assume. Some of those actors signed standard studio contracts that paid them very little and then they had the misfortune of dealing with creative bookkeeping practices. If their main work was decades earlier, chances are very good that they haven’t made anything from it in years. Some of their best work might not even be out on dvd. Selling autographs at the shows is how some actors now exist and pay their bills. Alot of these people are not rolling in the dough.

    Funny how you call autographs “cheesy” yet you & the son are happy to collect them for free.

  6. here here to the above comment.
    i like those celebrity meet & greets.
    and i don’t mind paying for an autograph from a celebrity i admire.
    did anybody go to this event?
    i would love to hear more about it.

  7. I have had a major crush on Joe Penny forever. And, for the comments on how he plus other have aged .. just wait, the same thing will happen to you, and someone will comment on how old you look, also.

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