It’s fun to watch the genetically gifted children of celebrities grow up. Cindy Crawford’s little girl Kaia, 9, is already dressing like her mom and the resemblance is startling. (Above, they’re shopping together in Malibu.) It’s hard to imagine Kaia growing up to be anything but a supermodel. So far, Kaia aspires to be a singer or a dancer or a teacher, but she “might” do some modeling first.


  1. I see you plan on giving the pedos a thrill by posting pics of her.

  2. She really is a cutie pie. She could be modeling already if they are interested. There is certainly need for children clothes models. She has her mom’s long legs too. This is just a normal picture of a child, I don’t see why anybody would think it would be fodder for pedophiles. Damn, what do you expect children to do, stay in the house until they are full grown?

  3. Genetically gifted? What a creepy comment. Genetics are complex, and pretty much a lottery. And where looks are concerned, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings – many a beautiful child turned out to out do the Elephant Man in the ugly department once in adulthood.

  4. I actually think she’ll grow up too be far more gorgeous than her mom. She is a cutie. But part of me hopes she’ll shun modeling and go away to college majoring in physics.

  5. She looks like Danielle Staub’s kid don’t ya think?

  6. until this point the raising program is doing fine.

  7. Cindy has always been one of my favorites and she have cute kids.

  8. Why would anyone that has money and a brain choose to be a model? Her mother pimped herself out long enough so that Kaia could afford to do whatever she wants, maybe she should be a mogul like her dad

  9. such a pretty little girl. if she does follow her mom’s footsteps, i hope her mom can help her stay a healthy weight and not become one of the skeleton models. or better yet – go to college and live a normal life outside the industry…

  10. Both of Cindy Crawford’s children are cute. I agree with the posters who hope for college educations and lives outside Hollyweird.

  11. I know that both Cindy and her mate are success, but neither made their money splitting the atom. It is probably that Crawford’s kids will get degrees, but it may be more along the lines of G.W. Bush than Stephen Hawking.

  12. Cindy’s no dummy. She was valedictorian at her high school and did start college. She’s been a very successful businesswoman. I’m sure she’ll do fine directly her children.

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with modeling. There are some very successful models, and if they have any brains to them at all they do branch out to other things so when their peak wanes they will still have a great career going on. Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum come to mind as the most successful at this AND still model well past the “usual” prime. I love Heidi and think she is a real doll, sweet woman, adores her husband and kids, has a great show AND still looks really hot after giving birth to 4 kids. She’s not even human when it comes to her looks that way! Cindy is another model that still looks amazing and could still be modeling full time if she chose to, but I think she puts her family first.

  14. Cindy’s high school was somewhere in the mid-west, in a small town, so not sure what significance being valedictorian is. All the snotty Europeans I have met in might life, would probably say something like “yes, she is smart…for an American!” LOL.

    I never heard Crawford say anything smart like Christy Turlington, or anything witty like Linda Evangelista. In fact, in all the years she has been around, I have never heard a single quotable quote from her. And, despite her efforts, she is not the presence Tyra Banks is.

    Cindy has some smarts, but is no intellectual dazzler.

  15. By the way, George W. Bush has Master’s degree and that’s never mentioned. We’re always told he’s stupid, but he didn’t sit in church for 20 years with a racist and say he never heard him say anything bad. Also, I not a George W. Bush fan, I just hate mis-information.

  16. Why is it because she’s a beautiful girl must she be encouraged to model? So ego-driven designers can encourage her to stop eating and look like an adolescent boy? Models maintained healthy figures when Cindy was a model. They had hips, thighs, and personalities. Models nowadays look like crap with bones jutting out walking like zombies on runways.

    Why can’t she be encouraged to further her education and do something of value in society?

  17. (Why would anyone that has money and a brain choose to be a model? Her mother pimped herself out long enough so that Kaia could afford to do whatever she wants, maybe she should be a mogul like her dad)

    Anon1 awesome post!

  18. Lenny G.W. has a masters degree, and is a moron. That was my point in my previous quote. Getting a degree, and getting into an ivy-league school is as much a question of money as intelligence.

    Only the deluded proletariat think that a degree is a stamp of intellectual superiority, like the Grade stamp on a side of beef.

    Sure if someone has a PhD he is a rocket scientist, but Masters degrees in things like Business, Literature, etc., do not mean much.

  19. Sebastian, using your logic that makes Obama a moron and he has a law degree from Harvard. Law degrees mean even less if you’re defending child molesters and people like OJ Simpson.

  20. I’ll never get the vision of Bush trying to get out of that large door in China and looking the utter fool when it didn’t open…his dumbo expression said it all and pretty much echoes what was inside his noggin…NOTHING!

  21. Lenny, what logic you have! Obama’s intelligence is demonstrable, while G.W.’s alleged intelligence is very difficult to substantiate.

    Post war North America is a mess because of the obsession with “qualifications”. If you went to university you are smart, if you have an M.A. you are smarter. If you only finished high school you are of average intelligence, if you did not graduate, you are dumb. The Brits always understood, and still understand, that this is silly thinking. Qualifications, academic aptitude and intelligence are not always the same thing. They know this because many a rich inbred twit went to university, and many a wise working class bloke did not. Many of the former spent their time wasting daddy’s money and getting into a bit of a pickle, and many of the latter went on to become rich, famous (for the right reasons) and respected.

    People have to stop relying on credentials to determine other people’s intelligence, and use their own judgment. Of course, this is dependent on the person making the judgment call having enough intelligence himself.

  22. Sebastian, right your are..Albert Einstein didn’t graduate high school!

  23. Sebastian, somewhere along this conversation we are saying almost the same things. Only you say that Obama’s intelligence is demonstrable and GW isn’t. I don’t see how unless this is a political position.

  24. Really Lenny? After hours of footage of G.W.’s gaffs and malapropisms, imbecilic comments, and deer-caught-in-headlights looks? And all this despite his spin doctors and handlers and media collaborators?

    It is one thing for an average person swept up into the media spotlight to end up sounding like a twit, but when someone whose profession depends on spin and presentation sounds like a complete idiot every time, you have to believe that, yes, he is an idiot.

  25. Agree with you on gaffs by GW and some really dumb comments. But reading a teleprompter to 3rd graders isn’t the smartest thing a person could. My conclusion is yes GW sounded like idiot alot of time and spin doctors didn’t help him. But we also saw Obama without a teleprompter and that was not good.

  26. By Anon1
    On July 23, 2010 at

    Why would anyone that has money and a brain choose to be a model?


  27. A college degree doesn’t mean anything anymore. Most of our college grads from state universities and community colleges don’t know the most basic things about math, history, science, and possess an abysmal lack of common sense in addition to a total ineptitude with the English language.

  28. Sebastian and Lenny: Do you recall the beloved G.W. in college with a cheerleaders uniform on and a huge megaphone up to his mouth? I’ll never get that picture out of my mind. It is burned into my retinas unfortunately. Never has one picture proved more totally the fact of someone’s moronic condition.

  29. Kylie, it is not just “lesser schools” even ivy-league grads can be twits. I have met a few in my time, and could tell you some stories about bad grammar, cultural illiteracy, etc.

    Reta, ha! I remember. Actually, G.W. must regret any photo of himself in college, as the camera documented both his idiocy and debauchery.

  30. As Jacob Weisberg points out in “The Misunderestimated Man” article he wrote for Slate, “As the president says, we misunderestimate him. He was not born stupid. He chose stupidity. Bush may look like a well-meaning dolt. On consideration, he’s something far more dangerous: a dedicated fool.”

    He was a Yale legacy. He struggled through with “gentleman’s C’s.” Bush Sr., brilliant, Bush Jr., not. I urge you to read the full article.

  31. Sebastin you’re such a twit, liberals always need to feel superior because they know deep down they’re in inferior twits.

    Bush got a Master in Business from Harvard, and unlike Kerry who after Yale couldn’t get into a Ivy league law school, and received his degree from Boston College, or Al Gore who dropped out of law school or unlike Obama who is the only candidate and now President that hasn’t released his college grades and wrote in one of his numerous books about himself, that he hadn’t the grades to get in college if not for affirmative action.

    Really because the media and late comic shows don’t repeat them as they did with Bush you haven’t heard Obama say anything stupid, not “how he been to all 57 states,” or how he and Michelle loved walking on the Seine in Paris or he didn’t “know what the term is in Austrian for wheeling and dealing.” – Obama doesn’t know the Seine is a river or that in Austria they speak German and don’t have a language but Obama so worldly and smart LOL Goole’s your friend there are lists and videos of Obama’s gaffes and all the stupid things he’s said that the liberal media won’t show.

    Reta do you recall that picture of Obama in his college days while smoking pot, that’s sooooo reminds of everything Obama is, especially after reading his memoir were he talked about all the drinking and coke he did.

    FIY Cindy Crawford won an academic scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University,
    but according to Sebastin he JUST knows she’s stupid because even though he probably has a office job that makes 40 thousand a year and didn’t get a degree from a Ivy League college and couldn’t get a masters degree in bullshit besides in any other field he’s just smarter then everyone else, even though they have every symbol of success from wealth, world recognition, amazing careers, Ivy league degrees.

    And why would a European criticize American colleges, out of the world 20 best colleges 17 of them are located in the US.

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