“Two and a Half Men” producer Chuck Lorre kept silent while Charlie Sheen ranted and raved and called him a “stupid little man,” a “maggot,” and worse. He didn’t respond, but he was apparently quietly and methodically planning his revenge. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lorre has notified CBS, Warner Brothers, and Charlie’s costar John Cryer, that he has an idea that will save the show – it involves rebooting the script and hiring a new character. Everybody wants to see the highly profitable show back on the air so it’s almost certain to return – without Charlie. Although Charlie is still trying to worm his way back in, Lorre is anticipating that speculation and publicity about the new casting will steal Charlie’s thunder.



  1. Sorry Charlie,

    Even you had to know that you are Not suppose to bite the hand that feed you!!

  2. Chuck should proceed as if nothing had changed except, instead of Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Harper, he should have a different former 80s heartthrob play Charlie each week. Judd Nelson enters, the other characters all say, “Hi, Charlie,” and we’re off for that week. Then on to Shaun Cassidy, Anthony Michael Hall, Ricky Schroder, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, Kirk Cameron, whichever of the Coreys is still alive, etc. The gag alone would be funnier than anything on the show in the last 4 years.

  3. Charlie is learning that boundaries and consequences are more than abstract concepts, probably for the first time in his life. Welcome to the real world.

  4. Good move. Time to teach those ‘stars’ that you can have all the talent you need, but if you don’t behave and respect your producers or fans you can end up being another starving actor looking for a lucky break. Hello Lindsay Lohan.

  5. I will not watch your sitcom anylonger. Charlie Sheen’s the main reason majority of the public watches your sitcom. It’s sad you cannot meet half way and correct your errors & continue on with your sitcom. Good luck trying to find a replacement. Best regards,

  6. ^^ An oversimplification. Charlie is out of control and is no longer a reliable employee. No network or producer can correct that and they know it. They are between a rock and a hard place. If they can’t continue without Charlie, they’ll cut their losses and abandon the show. This fault is ALL Charlie’s and no one else.

  7. Tried to avoid the show previously, but when I did watch it, I thought John Cryer was the the only one worth watching….so glad Charlie is gone….he takes himself way too seriously….no one really cares… about Drew Carey…he’s already on the payroll….love the price is right….he understands comedy entertainment….just like John….love ya Chuck Lorre….

  8. GREAT! The writers of Two and a Half are the real stars of that show anyway!!

  9. The show is putrid rubbish. The only people missing it are Lorre, his wallet and the money changers.

  10. Jon Cryer makes me laugh harder and louder than just about anybody. He is the main reason I ever watched the show. I started disliking the show when Sheen made them change Alan’s character to an even bigger cheapskate and leech. Sheen didn’t like it when Cryer was getting so much attention and cudos from the fans.

    I’m sick of Sheen. Wish him the best but he needs mental help. Besides, how could Lorre or Warner Brothers go into any kind of contract with Sheen when he is clearly not balanced (even Sheen’s family and friends have expressed this publicly on several occasions.)

  11. Agree with WC

    Jon is a much better act than Charlie ever was. Charlie basically played himself and just as he lost in that role, his ‘luck’ in life will also run out.

  12. I think Robert Downey Jr. would be great in this role but after Iron man he probably would turn it down.

  13. In regards to Charlie it was a case of life imitating ‘art’ (and I use the word art loosely).
    I guess given that Chuck is involved in other high rating shows, then the networks are going to listen to him and Charlie really has burnt his bridges and behaved like a total a*s.
    I’m trying to think which other actor could pull off the character, as Charlie was believeable (maybe it wasn’t such a creative stretch for the writers of the show!).
    Despite the lifestyle toll, Charlie was a good looker in his day and onscreen he still ‘scrubs up’ well. The only other believer actor to play that character would be Piven, but Piven doesn’t have the look and would be/is too slimey for the character – would definately be a turn off and despite his ego he couldn’t ‘lead’ the show so to speak.

    John Stamos whilst still gorgeous comes across as too much of a nice guy to pull off the existing Charlie character.

    Will be interesting to see how they maintain the success or make it bigger with the direction they will take. Maybe this will be the making of a new phrase, similar to the ‘jumping the shark’ terminology, maybe the term will be ‘jumping the actor’!

  14. Have NEVER watched the show because of my great disgust of Sheen. I DO like Cryer however and have always wished him the very best in his career. can’t STAND Piven. he’s every bit as big a creep as Sheen is. The idea by Seriously? should be bought and paid for…it is spactactular! Can’t be any worse than the shit they HAVE been filming, and oh, by the way, I HAVE seen this crap while forced in waiting rooms of my doctor, or while channel flipping caught a few moments, enough to realize “CHarlie” was only playing his true and vile and putrid self, while Jon Cryer was actually ACTING! WINNING!

  15. Yeh if I were Chuck Lorre I’d have a ‘contest’ and let the viewers ‘decide’ which in reality would be a scam cause I’d rehire the jerk.

    Hollywood creates and supports ill behaved junkies. CS is just another mega-money making brat.

    The debut of Men with the return of CS would be the biggest ratings on network TV since the last episode of Seinfeld.

  16. Never watched it but if it changes it will be a different show…hopefully it goes away but it may unfortunately be replaced with a reality show.

  17. charlie chose that profession.
    (can’t help it, charlie)

  18. Seriously? I love your idea of a new person playing Charlie every week. I do applaud Lorre for making Charlie accountable for his actions. It’s a world of celebrities who accept no responsibility for their actions, and it’s time that changed. They need someone to finally say ‘no’ to them.

    I don’t watch the show, but with a new format, I might. I never found Charlie enjoyable, so never watched it.

  19. Charlie is a national disgrace, lousy actor who only plays himself (a creep). Give some other actors some chances at a role to acto=ually play a charactor. Most of us are sick to death of these antics by this loser. he needs to go away permanently and play with his money before it all dissappears up his nose.

  20. I will not watch that show without Charlie…. and Chaim isn’t who he appears to be but instead an egotistical drunk.

    Good for you Charlie.. stand up for yourself, don’t let this ugly Israeli walk all over you.

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