Producer Chuck Lorre denied himself and his cast and crew the opportunity of winning an Emmy for Best Comedy for “Two and a Half Men” this year because he did NOT submit his incredibly popular show for consideration. The production staff made excuses citing the “circumstances of the past season” which translates to Charlie Sheen’s meltdown. However, our source tells us the REAL reason Lorre didn’t submit the show is because if it won, Charlie Sheen COULD have gotten up on the stage with Lorre and the cast to accept the award and that would have KILLED Chuck. Who knows if Sheen would have, but Chuck Lorre seems to have cut off his nose to spite his face.



  1. so what?

  2. that a misogynistic piece of crap show like this would even be considered for an Emmy says a mouthful about what the American public like to see on TV…..S H A M E .

  3. I’m sure Chuck has delivered many attack helicopters to an unamed Middle East Country which builds walls dividing it’s peoples.

  4. I’m glad he did it if it keeps that total ASSHOLE C Sheen off of another stange and from getting in front of another audience and making a complete and utter ass of himself which it totally IS! The show just MIGHT be actually watchable and I will TRY to give it ONE chance or maybe two if I can get thru the first one with the new cast member and it isn’t completely juvinile. I’ve always liked Jon Cryer, but I think he’d make a really terrific dramitic actor and I’d like to see him in some kind of rabid killer role.

  5. They’re two of a kind. Misogynists, untalented and totally unfunny. Both should have to earn livings digging ditches, then jumping inside so we can bury them alive.

  6. They both think too highly of themselves & their egos alone produce a crowd. They both made their money & can now disappear into oblivion.

  7. Sheen does have talent and he came from good stock (I always liked Martin Sheen since “Apocalypse Now.”) However, there continues to be something unbalanced about his behavior.

    My personal pet peeve with Sheen is that he doesn’t care enough about his little twin boys. I say this because he doesn’t request or offer frequent drug testing from himself and Brooke (his ex). I believe he doesn’t because he knows he will use and so will he.

    Neither of them should have custody of the children until they have been clean at least twice a month for a full year… least a full year.

  8. OOPS….Let me re-phrase that.

    …..”because he knows he will use and so will SHE (Brooke).

  9. I think this proves that Lorre has too much power when it comes to this show. I believe that if the new show’s ratings will nowhere come close to the original, and therefore he will cut down a few pegs on the old totem pole. He had better get down on his knees and pray, pray, pray that it works!

    Yeah Walt you are right again, Sheen & Mueller are both using again. I saw a pic of her yesterday wearing a Maple Leafs T-shirt that appears to be the same shirt Sheen wore up in Canada on his ridiculous tour. If this were the case, it would mean they were probably staying together again too. Poor, poor kids.

  10. This seems like the obvious correct move for Lorre to take. I mean, the guy has made/potential to earn millions on this show????? Of course, his public handling of the cluster bomb that went down with the star and his criminal record should at the least be met with a humble “disinclusion” from Emmy consideration. At the least. Sheen is a criminal. And he is the father of FIVE children, four of them minors.

  11. chais Levine… is an idiot…
    and apparently an arrogant F@#K

  12. @Teddy,

    He has a grown daughter that is married. Then he has two little girls with Denise Richardson. Richardson doesn’t do drugs and is wrapped up in being a mother and raising the kids (In fact, she adopted another little girl recently.). I believe Mueller wants to be a good mother but is too consumed with her addiction (at least this is the way it seems to be reported).

  13. That the show would be considered emmy-worthy is a joke, but good for Chuck Lorre. I wouldn’t give Sheen an opportunity to show his face, although if he’s back on drugs, maybe he should be telling us all about how he’s “winning” again.

  14. Gee, hard luck for those two assholes.
    I think The Office would have beaten them .

  15. I know a lot of people who have worked either under or alongside Lorre. They all hate him and say that he pushed the bi-poiar, addicted Sheen into a nervous breakdown. Also, I have met both of them myself. Lorre scared the crap out me, talking to me like a loon and staring at me with his crazy eyes. I had to hide behind my husband the whole time he was around. (Sorry, can’t say what the circumstances were) I know other members of the Sheen family and once when I had a little accident, Charlie stopped to help me. Not giving Charlie the stamp of approval here, and I find his lifestyle atrocious, just laying out some info for you all. A long time ago, Charlie was a very promising actor (remember Platoon?), its a pity to see him deteriorate like this. Also, while we don’t watch TAAHM, on any kind of regular basis, I think it will suck with Ashton taking Charlies place. Ashton cannot act to save his life. His commercials are cute, but check out his horrid acting on That 70’s Show.

  16. We stopped watching the show a few years back because it was basically a one-trick pony that kept pushing the envelope to the point where it made us really uncomfortable. Turns out it’s a favorite show among hubby’s young teenage, male students — they actually celebrate the misogyny theme, which is sad indeed. I think Lorre did the right thing re: the Emmys, at least for his sake — because I can see Charlie getting up with him and ranting and raving.

  17. I don’t think TAAHM could even come close to winning an Emmy, but how pathetically juvenile of Lorre to pull the show from contention, just out of spite. He really is a sad, but obnoxious jerk that is completely enveloped by his insecurity complex. I feel for everyone that has to work on that show, or anywhere near Lorre. {Shuddders}

  18. @georgie,

    Thanks for the inside info. It is always nice to hear the good or thoughtful things that a celebrity does. Yes, he did a fine job in Platoon. I can’t help but like him in comedies too. I will watch 2.5 when it comes back on with the new guy but primarily because I really like every person that they cast on that show. To me, Jon Cryer is just hysterical. 🙂

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