The Kardashian Christmas cards are all over the place today so we had to pick our favorite. His one happens to be from back in the 90’s when their real father Robert Kardashian was alive – and doing everything he could behind the scenes to get OJ acquitted. Kris divorced Robert in 1990 and married Bruce Jenner the following year so she was no longer a Kardashian. It’s funny that they sent out cards with Khloe’s name misspelled.



  1. just the LOOK on Roberts FACE when that murdering bastard was found not guilty was enough for me to realize what most knew: he was GUILTY and tried to distance himself and could not stand the creep anyway……. as far as this story
    wtf janet??
    but i will say YES!!! KHOLE ! PERFECT….
    all the girls should be named that because that is what they all are ….thanks to their wonderful money hungry so called mother and their pussified step father with the fucked up face and no testicles.

  2. I am surprised there has yet to be a post about Blake Edwards.

    I recently saw a post on another site, featuring this year’s Kardashian Christmas card. How can the Xmas card history of these fame whores take up so much space?

  3. Wow this is an amazing picture. What a great memory for these children, he looks as though he must have really loved his kids.

    “pit bull lover” I do agree with you on 1 point, I will also NEVER forget the look on RK face when OJ was aquitted. He lookes as if he wanted to vomit right there on the spot. It is also quite ironic how the 2 main people on OJ’s defense team both died of cancer. Maybe the guilt of helping free a GUILTY phsycopath triggered the onset of their cancers. Everytime I think of Cochran’s role in the OJ case, I can’t help but think of Keanu Reeves in the Devil’s Advocate.

  4. at least they look happy.

  5. Any time one of them claims they’ve never had plastic surgery, just remember this card. Only the little one bears any resemblance to her current self.

  6. After the ridiculous OJ verdict, the look on Robert Kardashian’s face could only be trumped by that of Dominick Dunne’s open mouthed disbelieving gape. Sort of the way I believe the rest of us (who had any sense) must have looked when the verdict was read.

  7. Despite of what I think of the Kardashians, this is a great picture. Janet, I feel that you could have left out the part about Robert working to get OJ acquitted; among other things, the man is dead now, & for some reason, you angry white ppl can’t let it go. Since you’re a Hollywood reporter, why do you keep perpetuating the lie, are you scared? For those of you who are still stuck (on stupid) in believing OJ did it, read Henry S. Johnson’s Double-Crossed for Blood, OJ’s Simpson’s Constitutional Disaster. Why were the phone records never admitted to show that Nicole was still alive at the time when it was said she was murdered?

    Muffin Top, the lawyers’ death from cancer had nothing to do w/guilt, at least on Johnnie Cochran’s part. It’s believed he got the tumor/brain cancer from excessive cellphone use. You all should also read his book Journey to Justice, maybe some of you would be enlightened.

  8. @JDurga, neither white nor black people can let it go…for very different reasons. To some extent both sides were speculating about what OJ was and was not capable of, but — to some extent OJ has proven one side right.

  9. OJ sooo did it. He even admitted as much in a thinly veiled, 3rd person covert way in that book he wrote several years back.

  10. “JDurga” are you serious??? Come off it!! The whole world knows he did it. Except yourself I guess. As for your “angry white ppl” comment. Not the case at all. There was a reason Cochran said OJ Simpson was the smartest man he ever met. That’s because HE DID IT and got away with it!!! Well I guess Karma finally caught up to him now didn’t it?

  11. Yes Muffin Top, I believe Karma did catch up w/OJ, but not for killing Nicole & Ron.

    1 more thing about that snide remark Janet made; I think this picture might be from 1989-very early 90’s, BEFORE 1994. Look at how young the kids look, if it was ’94 & beyond when the trial started, the kids would have been (much) older. Kourtney & Kim would have been 14-16 & they look younger than that to me in this pic. So IMO, this pic was before the murders/trial happened, so Robert K, at this time wasn’t “doing everything he could behind the scenes to get OJ acquitted.” Just a wrong/incorrect opportunity to get a dig in I guess.

  12. Wondering if the Kardasian children ever socialized with OJ & Nicole’s children? If so, do they have any contact with them now? P.S. If you read OJ’s book, “If I Did It” you will know he did it.

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