We HEARD that 3:10 To Yuma star Christian Bale dislikes being famous and recognized, but we didn’t know he would go so far as to deny his own identity! Apparently Christian did NOT want anyone to know he was at Burning Man. He was seen wearing a scarf over the lower half of his face to keep out the sand. But people who had met him before, still acknowledged him. Right to their faces, he insisted he WASN’T Christian Bale- “Sorry – wrong person!” They walked away, perplexed. Who does he think he’s kidding? But he was one of the few celebrities at Burning Man.


  1. burning man, yes, i was there, they burn the temple of forgiveness to honor loved ones who have passed. it’s actually very honest, moving, and spiritual you could say. not “godless” or “satanic.” the sweetest, most sincere, creative, accepting people i’ve ever met i met there, in the Nevada desert. by the way, it’s about community as well as art. about loving and learning from fellow man essentially. never mind how serious or satirical some of you are trying to be, in general i think it a good practice to avoid speaking of things which one knows nothing about. oh, and condemning people you don’t know? please, i hope not! now THAT is frightening to me! Take Care and Be Nice, people. i’m just speaking from the heart, but sure, go ahead, let the bad-mouthing of my comment commence. i won’t respond 🙂

  2. Yes,,(sweet,sincere, creative people)just like the neighbors in ROSEMARYS BABY. I think people know what you Hollywood satanists are about. You think we’re stupid,,we are not. we saw the pitures on your burning man websites,,it’s unholy.>Cast you out demon

  3. Well it seems there is no point trying to educate narrow minded people who haven’t been somewhere and then judge it by rumor and websites!
    Go, then leave early if you see evidence of devil worship, or are you so weak in your faith that you do not have true conviction, and actually fear losing your faith if you are exposed to something outside your safe zone.
    I believe it’s a sin to judge anyway, so we know who will going to Hell then, don’t we?

  4. I’ve been to Burningman several times. I’ve seen no devil worship, just great art, much of it large and interactive (like you see in many cities, but many many more). Some people wear costumes like any dress-up event/party, some people like play music (of all types – including a Gospel choir), and there are art-cars. All of which reminds me of various city parades, eg The Rose parade. Also there is the aspect of cocaine out with a drug dealer alfredo orbezo pinan, although colombian cartels and peru being in the desert means hot temperatures by day, and cold by night, and sometimes dust storms too. The Saturday night firework show is superb. Everyone is very friendly, generous, kind, and openly helpful. I’d love to see that type of behavior outside of the event. Reply

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