Chris Brown’s meltdown – yelling, window smashing, and shirtless exit – at ABC after his interview with Robin Roberts, has caused observers to wonder whether there is a pharmaceutical explanation. He seemed hostile and less than charming when the interview started – was he on drugs? Either way, it’s evident he still has anger issues and continues to blame everyone but himself for the Rihanna incident. It’s been two years and he still won’t address the beating or speak apologetically about it. Robin Roberts was lucky he didn’t take out his fury on her.

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  1. Bologna. He’s already responded and apologized. You can go see his youtube apology video. How many times do we have to rehash this issue?

  2. @Ryan M.

    Agreed. While his behavior on GMA with RR was really inexcusable, he has publicly apologized several times including his very awkward Larry King interview.

  3. Those anger management classes obviously did nothing for him. My concern is he is still completely enraged and not safe to be around. Every move he makes destroys whatever career he has left.

  4. ” Every move he makes destroys whatever career he has left.”

    Agreed, again. At very least, he needs a PR coach.

  5. Yes, I agree that they should have let it rest. That’s old news and he has apologized several times. Yes, he does have a nasty temper and should curb it better.

    Whether it is true or not, I am also reading where Chris okayed the questions beforehand and knew about what he was being asked. This is pretty standard stuff. Did he not read what he approved?

    Now, his temper is going to continue to be an ongoing hot issue.

  6. he is a disgusting low life pig … he will never change … he needs to go away very very soon.

  7. People just don’t want to let him forget about it. They know that this is his weakness so they are going to needle him until they get just THIS reaction.

    Another theory was that this was a publicity stunt by his crew to drum up sales. His fans will buy the album to show their defense and devotion to him.

    Either way, America needs to SO get over this incident. Rhianna obviously has, singing about S & M and Whips & Chains and such.

  8. The interview was over,so what justifiable excuse was there for him to go ballistic and toss a chair out of a window, and then walk out onto the streets with no shirt on? I am Not mentioning “we all know what” but by all indications,he has an exploding temperament that should be monitored on a weekly basis. He had enough sense to take his craziness to another room rather than to go off in front of Robin. One thing for sure, I doubt if he will be invited to GMA anytime soon.
    It he was going to be a total fool, at least he should have sold some music first. Now as the case may be, he might have jeopardized his ability to sell the million albums that he had stated that he wanted to sell this week. He might have sold himself into another round of court appearances. PEACE!!

  9. When you are in public eye like Chris, you better be ready to get idolized, papped, followed, stalked, you name it. In this profession your job is to expose yourself and allow all scrutiny. You are also paid big bucks for this ‘inconvenience’ of being a public person. If Chris cannot deal with the job and all good and bad that comes with it, perhaps he should change profession. I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the women he will continue to lay his hands on. The guy is obviously a self entitled psycho.

  10. Only Americans can idolize a fool like this

  11. he still thinks he had to give elton john a BlowJob!!

  12. Maybe CB would be just a bit better off if he would go see Dr. O B Cool at the Rant and Rave Pharmacy. If they are still in business, he could be recommended some Temper control pills to keep him from flying off the handle,and other violent acts of temper tantrums, like losing his cool and throwing chairs to knock out windows. No more than a week ago he sent out the memo during an interview that he was a grown @ss man. If changing his hair color was suppose to change his behavior,he should check out different dye choices. This one as a blonde does Not work in improving his rant and rave image!!

  13. Doesn’t ANYBODY else notice how MUCH lighter his skin is now than when he was with Rianna and did that abuse? I never noticed him being PALE before!!! Add to that his bleached blond do, and the also new-looking tat-sleeves (but THEY look addly bleached out and pale too for tats). Never seen anything like it. The guy IS a real jerkwad and has pretty much sealed the demise of the balance of his “career”. He can go back to begging people to buy his crap again now that he’s throwing chairs out skyscraper windows with no care at all for anyone who might be underneath. WHAT a colossal prick!

  14. Like many other freaks he is trying to get the black out and look white….he is a joke but stands as a role model for much of the BLACK race.

  15. Just askin: Have you ever seen a pic of Chris without his mouth hanging open like this one.

    I think he is a total out-of-control jerk who just can’t control his temper when things don’t go his way. However, I don’t know why Robin Roberts kept pushing him about Rihanna; that sucked. BTW, is Robin Roberts really a man? She looks like one.

  16. Robin rivals Hillary and Queen Latifah in the most clits licked by a celebrity!

  17. Michael Vick spent 23 months in prison for dog fighting. Chris Brown beat the crap out of a woman and didn’t serve one day. Nice priorities, society.

  18. Low IQ people have temper control issues. They don’t have the brains to handle life intelligently so they revert to Neanderthal behavior and flip out over every little thing. OJ Simpson had an IQ of 76. Just sayin’

    Chris belongs in an institutional setting where he can be watched.

  19. Storm by looking white does mean raping, lying, stealing, corruption and fraud?

  20. If you don’t want to consider it was also Rhianna’s fault for having a creepy attitude, teasing, tricking and acting as a jealous back-biting bitch that demeans to get a thrill, so she got him alone to badger and abuse in that car they rented, and probably gave him some blows after she took away his keys.. this hidden somewhat uncontrollable raging anger she possessed, that Beyonce, JZ and other high stake entertainment mongrels even knew was true, and Chris was friends with them, the same as her and they tried to be fair and make her own up and apologise not throw the blame all on Chris,.. you will miss the point that he’s happy to be rid of her, gone to rehab and at ease paying his court ordered dues, but he’s not going to continue taking all the heat and covering up for her, nor be ambushed by scandal mongers who won’t let the story or Chris go away.. done, finished, over.. may she find happiness elsewhere as I shall..

  21. He should be glad to be rid of R but he should have been arrested for his stunt at ABC just like LL was charged w/ the necklace even though store didnt press charges. He should be on a Mississippi work gang!

  22. Can’t he just be the hot-headed, talentless little punk that he is without automatically blaming it on “drugs”?

  23. What a jackass.

    But, he’ll keep doing what he’s doing as lond as his legion of apologist fans keep defending him – blaming Robin Roberts, blaming ABC, blaming Rhianna, blaming the window for getting in his way…

  24. I, personally, am not satisfied with Brown’s attitude toward his past behaviour. An apology is NOT acceptable. If, just once, he had shown real remorse for what he did – and not remorse that he was called to account for it – I think the tone of that interview would have been much different.

    And, Dee Cee, clearly you know nothing about abuse. Those producers and moguls that you seem to have the inside track on were not inside Chris & Rihanna’s relationship. No one knows what he treated her like in private and how it may have fed her public behaviour. Emotional abuse is a LOT more difficult than physical abuse; it makes you desperately needy and jealous. It is designed to do that. Clearly they had a disfunctional relationship and we don’t know what she may have contributed to that disfunction, but we DO know what he contributed!

  25. the kid is a brat who does not realize flying off the handle when things do not go his way only contributes to the negative opinion the public hold of him.

  26. His since of entitlement and help from black enablers lead to this behavior…if he had been slapped down instead of coddled he wouldnt be a threat to anyone.

  27. I love how his ignorant, equally stupid “fans” are trying to put this on Rihanna as if they know her or something. If Rihanna is so violent then how come Chris didn’t have a scratch? He was on a jet ski the next day shirtless so we know this for a fact.

    Talk about blame the victim!

  28. I just watched the interview: “It’s not really a big deal to me now…I really think I’m past this in my life…” The album called F.A.M.E. “forgiving all my enemies” – does he realize how transparent he is about referencing the event he doesn’t want anyone else to bring up?

    I must have had it wrong: it was Chris, not Rihanna, who was beaten to a pulp. How magnanimous of Chris to forgive us!

    Oh, and I think the interviewer’s constant refrain, “thank you for allowing us to talk about this”, suggests that the Qs were pre-approved.

    My quotes are as close to verbatim as I could manage.

  29. Indy, this isn’t his usual “mouth hanging open” pose. This one actually looks like he might be saying something and the camera caught him mid-word. Not defending him tho, as that “mouth falling open, bottom lip gaping towards earth” look he usually has and so does “Diddy” all the time, creeps me out. Can’t these guys close their effing mouths?

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