Love, love, love, this mug shot of Cher taken when she was just 13! Cher told the story of how she was arrested at such a young age to Jay Leno last night and Jay surprised her with the photo. It seems Cher “borrowed” her mother Georgia’s car one night and took some friends for a joy ride when the cops caught her and hauled her into the police station. Cher started doing EVERYTHING at a young age!

9 thoughts on “CHER’S MUG SHOT AT THE AGE OF 13!

  1. Her mother is a riot! Looks like Mermaids was very autobiographical!

  2. Who didn’t try driving at 13 or “borrow” mom’s car? Only the dummies got caught!

  3. paedophiles don’t like black & white photo’s.

  4. She’s adorable! I’ll bet she was a handful, but then her mom seems to have been a bit too man-obsessed to spend much time with her kids.

  5. Oh my gosh she was so cute! And tall too. Lucky her. So it appears that she was just 3 years away from meeting Sonny Bono and 5 years away from performing on Shin-Dig (?) and Ed Sullivan! Love Cher!

  6. She’s adorable. And did you see the photo of her mother at 86?

  7. She must have had 8 pounds of nose taken off. Cute kid, though.

  8. It is not a big nose. You people are idiots. Imagine how unbeautiful with a stupid little t shape plastic surgery drone nose would look. Do you want everyone with the same stupid face.

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