Cher provided the voice of the lioness in “Zookeeper” so she showed up on the red carpet at the premier in this cowboy and Indian inspired outfit. It makes sense when you consider that right now she is recording a country album with Carrie Underwood’s producer. It’s her first album since “Living Proof” in 2001. She’s in a country mood.

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  1. her VAGINA is a forbidden area now since she past the age of seventy.

  2. I am sure that this album will be as successful as her past albums. She seems to have the golden touch.

    I saw Cher back in what must have been the early 90’s while on tour for her Heart of Stone album. She really was very entertaining. This had to have been at the height of her success. I am not at all interested in women, but Cher was definitely one sexy bitch!!

  3. Cher may be a candidate at 65 for social security, but the Ottomom look does Not do her justice. Cher can sing anything for me, remember “The way of love?” Remember when Cher was dressed to the 9’s by Bob Mackie? I believe that she is comfortable with herself at any age, but I also believe that she is very disappointed in Chasity becoming Chaz and Elijah Blue showing No signs of giving her any grandchildren to sing to!!

  4. Not bad from the bottom of her hair on up…but i still miss her original face which was so unique and lovely along with her voice. I don’t like the breast implants and the plastic face. I mourn for the original that she was.

  5. I love Cher. She seems like someone you’d just love to sit down and have a drink and long chat with.

  6. Sonny and Cher’s, I Got You Babe is still one of my favourites cranked up on the big sound system.

  7. Cher is still one of America’s great entertainers who has stood the test of time. She has character, a strong voice & good sense of humor. Chances are, she’ll still be performing for a while.

  8. I just wonder what her non-surgical look would’ve been. Joan Rivers too (the latter more so).

  9. Chaze must have dressed her.. This is what happens when you abandon your child for fame and fortune.. and cut down the father because he is a kind and level headed guy.

  10. I’ve been of fan of both Sonny and Cher since the 60’s. I always enjoyed their music and hers when she went solo. They both seemed likeable to me. Cher always looked unusual but some how sexy (in those cool Bob Mackie outfits)and loved that her voice was different from everyone else’s. In the seventies (after her divorce from Sonny), I remember seeing her in a magazine with the perfect tan, gorgeous long black hair and wearing a big fluffy coat. I bought the magazine just because of that photo. My wife is a big fan too and met her once. (She said she was surprisingly shorter than she looked on tv and much prettier in person.)

    I don’t want to see Cher age. I don’t blame her for the plastic surgery. Heck, I don’t like seeing myself age! To me, her plastic surgery looks better than most.

  11. Cher is a good singer and she can do anything and she has a great body and is still in incredible shape and has a pretty smile and she seems at piece and she is still a great actress and I wonder are they ever going to do a Moonstuck part two in the future and I Would love to see her and Nicoles Cage together again? But she can sing the Hell out of a song and after all this years she looks really amazing.

  12. This is her 70s style. She’s been tweeting that she’s recording right now but the album is DANCE, not country. Where are you getting your info, Janet? I hope it’s country because I didn’t like “Living Proof” songs all sounded the same, overproduced. I love her singing voice. Always have.

  13. She has ‘retired’ from the singing circuit, Vegas, TV specials, Vegas, etc… least 3 times already. lol. I like some of her songs, but not “If I could turn back time”.

  14. The “Dark Lady” was on the late show a while back, and stated that she is dating a guy that she met on the internet. It started with casual conversations, and so far,(at the time) was growing into something special. Yes, he was (is) a few years younger,but they were getting along well. Hopefully Nothing has changed (in the romance department) since that interview that she gave while promoting Burlesques!!

  15. Breast emplants? Lordy..get your facts straight. Cher had her breasts “lifted” after Elijah (which is actually a reduction) because she was pushing Dolly Parton size while preggers and didn’t want big breasts on her small frame.

  16. Dear Cher has worked so hard her whole life and she is running around trying to do everything under the sun and I Think Country Music is such a shocker to another Direction and I love her acting massive so much and she is creative when it comes down to singing and I wonder are you ever going to be a Grandmother Yet and are you going to do a Moon Struck two with Nicolas Cage? I will wait and see and listen to your new direction Cher but I think you should just take time off and kick back for a couple of years and slow down and smell the roses.

  17. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Hells kitchen and Masterchef are double hit on Mondays and Tues and it rocks completely and when are you going to make fun of the fat people and Here comes some tear and Hells kitchen is like an onion...Layers are under it and it says:

    Cher is hard working and Yes she is great at what she does but is she ever going to do any part two to any of her movies like (9 to 5) or is she going to go back to Vegas or is she going to do T.V. but I still think she is great in so many ways and I don’t think she is ever going to retire and she will work until the day she dies.

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