Ever since she started dating Andre Balazs, the owner of Chateau Marmont, Chelsea Handler has been getting VIP treatment at the Hollywood hotspot. The employees there are known for their haughty manners and one overdressed hostess attempted to seat Chelsea and her friends at an undesirable indoor table. Chelsea had a short conversation with the manager and was immediately led to the best table. The arrogant hostess was scolded, but not fired, and she won’t make THAT mistake again.


  1. Did Chelsea’s hair stylist quit? Her hair has been looking boring as of late.

    She used to always have nicely presented hair, maybe she is cutting back on costs and doing it herself. I mean it’s not like she has a nice personality as a magnet for people.

  2. And relating to another post, interesting what some of you think of the cdan site. Valid points. I have been reading that site for years. And there have been a lot of blind items, that have been quite explicit and have proven true. So that person(s) is in the know.

    I enjoyed the latest round of reveals.

    Also I think the “lawyer” has been outed. Although the request for ‘donations’ for radio show, that either didn’t go ahead, or died with no reason given – is pretty dodgy.

    But then again, my personal thoughts are that to be a lawyer, you are of questionable character to begin with. And if you are a lawyer reading this, then I know your not going to loose sleep over my comment.

  3. If they went to McDonalds they wouldn’t have that problem. It don’t matter how much money, who you know, are or do, there is never any room for arrogance.

  4. Janet, thanks for getting your site fixed. Whenever there is a screw-up with it, I’m afraid it’s my computer with a virus.

    I know very little about Chelsea having never watched her, except the fact that for a while she and Jennifer Aniston were getting mightly friendly and ohsoclose.

  5. pst: WE ALL SHIT, more or less, THE SAME, folks.
    please remember this……….

  6. Wish they would do something about the snotty valets!

  7. Who would do this type of BS?

    Nobody but a bitch, on a power trip, with a delusional sense of self entitlement.

  8. “Don’t you know I’m fucking Andrea Balazas, bitch”! Is that what she said?

  9. I can’t stand this hag. I hope the staff spit in her food or drink.

  10. Honestly she looks and acts like something even the cat won’t drag in…

  11. I watch her show frequently and at least the first part, when they have the 3 other guest comedians on it is usually pretty funny with some pretty good back and forth jabs and quick-witted sharp-minded good laughs. I enjoy the other people that come as guest comedians and most are pretty good. I DON’T like the little person Chuey who seems nasty, dim-witted, lazy, and misses even his pre-prepared lines. I wish the’d get rid of him. He also has porno on the internet which is really gross.
    I also don’t like the section at the end, which is too short for one thing, and boring. Where a celeb pumping a movie or book comes out. They should drop that section altogether.
    It should JUST be the first section with the other comedians talking about current events and dumb things. With clips and photos. That section KILLS!

  12. I don’t find her remotely amusing, she’s rather unfunny in an obnoxious sort of way. I also don’t understand why anyone would want to dine at such a snobby place. Some of the best places to eat are mom & pop seafood shacks by the side of the beach. Why pay obscene amounts of money to have wait staff treat you like you’re dirt?

  13. Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture, but that guy looks like a juicer with that big blocky head and a neck as wide as his head.

  14. Chelsea should take that as a clue–Andre has more than one squeeze, and the hostess didn’t recognize the girlfriend du jour.

  15. Shes gross, Hes .. i have no words, Hes some sort of dude with an entitlement issue, i googled him, and …. wow.
    He seems really sleazy. The one thing i cannot figure out is how in Gods Name did my childhood/teenage icon heroine ( and you can all go to hell if you dont like her, she’s supposed to be controversial!) Courtney Love ever ever ever found herself with a scummy business guy like him?
    It makes no sense. But this coupling seems more his speed, Courtney Love/ Uma Thurman have far too much class for this guy, whatever their pr differences may be, Uma is a great beauty and Courtney is a great genius and sexy in her way as hell. This gross woman is just what this guy seems to feel comfortable around.
    Also i agree with the comment above, her show, or whatever it is, was amusing with her band of raggedy ass off the cuff comedians, but she is dull as dirt and she should never ever , EVER have started speaking to celebrities. She actually IS one now? I cant imagine other than some PR photo op’s with Anniston why anyone would subject themselves to hanging out with her, is this her reward for calling Angelina Jolie a c–t? Clearly. Put this woman back in the doghouse and tell anreee balzse to ( he looks really short doesnt he and sort of dumpy, theyre a great couple, maybe theyll get married and i wont have to see photos of them!) take her with him , shes clearly a lush and a drug addict, which say what you want about Hole and Courtney Love, but she never made any bones about it, and her music more than makes up for any bad PR person she hires. Besides, shes been as good as she can be lately ive noticed. This woman is a cracked out hose beast and hes fat. If this is a “celebrity couple” can we bring Nicole and Tom back now please? YUCK

  16. I have to say i agree with the above comment, I love Hole and Courtney Love and read the above and found myself agreeing wholeheartedly . Then i googled it. Balzax and her. Something is not right. I do not for one second think that CLove was “dumped ” by that dumpy guy, its hard for me to even believe she “dated” him. Sounds like he has alot of money to spend on his Publicity and i just cannot see it. I worship her, to the death (* color me gay!) and he is just NOT for her even a one nighter, he is gross! Your right John, this is a perfect couple, they should gutter up together. Money cant buy you class just property and ugly poontang.

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