We’re not thrilled by the new coupling of Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. The pair just returned from a trip to Hawaii where Charlize stayed at Sean’s house. They tried to keep everything a secret but paparazzi sniffed them out. When they got back, Sean was seen leaving her LA house the next morning. Granted, Sean IS generous in his charity work, but as far as we know, he still has that bitter, ungrateful personality. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and has had more than a few fights with paparazzi. Plus, we remember how badly he treated his ex-wife Robin Wright. (Robin, 48, just got engaged to her 33 year old boyfriend Ben Foster.) Charlize Theron can do better.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Iagree, Janet! He also treated his first wife, Madonna, very badly. Some details are provided in Valerie Bertinelli’s first memoir; she and the then-Penns were neighbors in Malibu. Bertinelli kept asking Madonna why she would put up with someone who hit her on a regular basis.

  2. She shows these lapses because she is a drugs addict. She smokes dope from an apple pipe.

  3. Dykish picture for certain……Hillary Clinton is getting very wet w/ anticipation.

  4. Meanwhile, Madonna inhaled a macrobiotic pound cake (bean sprouts, lentils, soy milk and beet juice) after seeing these pictures! She’s been cozying back up to Penn for the last several months–he was her “insurance policy” after being cruelly dumped by Guy, Jesus, and the Muslim teenager in rapid sucession.

    Her memories of being throttled by Sean (he beat her because he was APPALLLED by her shitty acting) must have faded over the last quarter-century.

    Charlize is a definite upgrade from Madge and Robin in the talent department, but we’re in agreement that she is slumming every minute she spends with Sean and his metastisized ego.

  5. Sorry, should have been “tofu” instead of soy milk–email us for the recipe! 😀

  6. There is something seriously wrong with any woman who would date him. He’s one angry creep.

  7. EVERY woman is slumming anytime they spend one minute with this creep who has a LONG history of abusing women and frequenting prostitutes. He is repulsive. Like Polanski, Woody Allen and many other woman hating perverts in Hollywood, it doesn’t matter if they are “talented”, there isn’t enough talent in the world to justify how they abuse people in their life.

  8. Extremely dykish look here. Hillary and Angie Jolie wet and ready. Oprah making plans. Ellen ready to dump Portia.

  9. I always thought of Sean Penn as quite hot. He’s probably hot at the beginning of the affair…then transitioning to…

  10. Herr Stromm, wha’s up with the sexual obsession with lesbians ? Creepy dude, creepy !!

  11. Poor Franny…..always pc and co co ing toward all the lesbo’s…..probably a visit w/ one today. Joan Jett pictures on your wall?

  12. Frau Franny…..Joan Jett and Jenny Shimizu pictures on your wall? Sam Ronson tweets to help you sleep?

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