Did anyone REALLY expect a sweet, innocent girl with a spotless reputation to marry the notorious Charlie Sheen? It turns out Brooke Mueller has quite a drug and alcohol history of her own. She’s been arrested twice for cocaine and alcohol, and according to, she went into rehab when she was five months pregnant with their twins! If the Sheens hadn’t fallen of the wagon together so violently on Christmas, this information might never have been revealed. Another reason for Denise Richards to do the “I told you so” dance.

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  1. What a couple of colossal losers! His kids are sure going to be proud of him when THEY grow up, aren’t they? Wife abusing asshole drunk!! And with a mom like that those poor babies don’t stand a chance and will probably wind up on drugs themselves by the time they’re in their early teens a-la Drew Barrymore! I’m glad I never watched his stupid lame show or contributed to his career!

  2. I personally can’t stand Charlie Sheen. He is fugly and has a pinocchio nose, and his skanky broad is a sucking commoner too. What’s pitiful is that the more he racks up charges against him, the more popular his show..3 and 1/2 men..becomes. Shows how the world is royally screwed up.

  3. I cannot stand him either. He is a rotten actor and sounds like he is just reading the script. Two bad apples together. They should be locked up for about a year and let the gr.parents keep the kids. They should be made to scrub toilets while in the slammer.

  4. Rehab when 5 months pregnant – yes she should be slapped hard for that.

    Those kids will most likely never be normal, all sorts of ‘real’ mental problems because of her ingestion of alcohol and/or drugs.

    If I were Denise I would not want a mental selfish bitch like that near my kids. She is an unfit mother/person.

    And Charlie is a f**kwit of epic proportions -stick with paying professionals for sex, don’t kid yourself that you can have a normal family – you can’t and never will be able to. Your family must be so embaressed and disgusted by you.

  5. Charlie used to be hot in his younger day, that photo of him above show’s him looking like a sad aging leacherous drunk.

  6. Some people are NOT marriage material. Or parent material. Why we elevate these idiots to celebrity status is beyond me…they are tremendous failures. If one fails at being a human being, there ain’t too much left to be proud of!


  8. all three of them are substance abusers, and they reinforce their fate every time they abuse again. these episodes will continue.

  9. People have been drinking for thousands of years while pregnant and we’re all still here! It’s only in the puritan US in the last 20-30 years that they’ve been made to feel like pariahs for having the occasional drink or smoke while pregnant. Only real excess hurts. And as far as I can tell, Ms. Reta, Drew Barrymore turned out JUST FINE!

  10. Miss Eva, you’ve GOT to be kidding!!! Just because Drew is “Fine” now, I’m sure if you asked her, she’d tell you she doesn’t recommend drugs or drinking at an early age! She was screwed over by her bad parenting examples, partying like crazy and dragging her around to parties where she started getting high at age 11!!! You think THAT’S OKAY? You must be fucked up on drugs yourself if you think that’s okay for a child to do!! What an ass!!!

  11. Reta is 100% correct on this one. Drew Barrymore is royally f**cked up in the head. She drifts from man to man, staying married only a few months, moving on to new boyfriends as fast as lightning. She was hooked on drugs as a pre-teen. No one knows what else is going on in her brain, and even a total idiot would know that drinking does get into the pre-born’s blood stream. Miss Eva is dumb as a brick.

  12. I know quite a few people who drank occasionally during their pregnancies–they even got the OK for that from their doctors!!–and their kids are absolutely FINE. Live and let live!

    No matter what Ms. Barrymore recommends now, she’s a highly successful actress and producer. The fact that her relationships may not be longstanding or stable is certainly not the result of whatever she drank or ingested as a teen.

  13. @ Miss Eva: Do the words “Foetal alcholhol Syndrome” mean anything to you?

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