Charlie Sheen is scheming to make money as soon as possible. He’s cash poor and has a huge nut to crack every month what with mortgages, child support, alimony, legal fees, etc– it goes on and on. He’s suing Warner Brothers because they stopped his residuals. His new series “Anger Management” might work out in the future but he needs money NOW. Bottom line is, he’s been reduced to negotiating to star on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. He’d be, by far, the biggest American celebrity to appear on the show and expects the biggest paycheck. But will they give in to his demands?

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  1. How can they stop his residuals? I would think SAG will have something to say about this, if its true. btw, one of my neighbors is an exec at Warners & he told us that they (Warners) did not want to get rid of Charlie and tried to mediate his return to Two. However, as is well known, the demented Chuck Lorre wouldn’t have it, and their lawyers couldn’t figure out a way to get round Lorre, who is now hated even more than he was previously by people at Warners (I know a lot of people who work there) and I believe, most of the crew at Two. Lorre is a scary, creepy person, I have met him & hope to never be around him again. I’m not trying to be an advocate for Sheen, but I don’t think its fair for only one side of this story to be told. Everyone I know who is involved with this show says that they feel Lorre did everything in his power to push the bi-polar Sheen into a nervous breakdown. Think about it, Two is one of tv’s most successful shows and made money hand over fist. What normal, sane person would constantly undermine and belittle his star that made him so rich, unless he has a lot of hate inside him? Just sayin’.

  2. Georgie, some valid and logical points.

    But FFS, seriously cash poor!!? How much cash can someone burn through so quickly, and this wasn’t someone who suddenly came into money and was unaccustomed to it.

    If he ends up bankrupt (unlikely I know), he deserves it. Then I wonder if he will be quick to shout from rooftops and go on the road ranting about ‘Loosing”!

    And another thing, he looks like absolute ‘sh*t’ in that photo above, and he used to be good looking.

  3. If what I read about Charlie’s drug use in the tabs is correct he’s the next Amy WInehouse. His family should have him arrested again to save his life.

  4. Oh yes, they will pay him whatever he wants. The ratings will soar through the roof as everyone wants to see just how sane or insane he really is. It will be like waiting to see if the train will make the hairpin curve up ahead. It will be very interesting to see if, and how he will play the whole thing out.

    This man must have been the worlds most ridiculous money manager EVER!! How in the F can a person spend that much money?? Baffling

  5. “They stopped his residuals” What complete rubbish Janet.

  6. How can you legally stop someone’s residuals? No way.

  7. Chuck Lorre may be a huge asshole, but I doubt he tried to kill his own cash cow of a show by driving Charlie Sheen to a breakdown. Charlie’s problems began long before he ever met Chuck Lorre.

  8. I hope NOBODY hires him, gives him a job, or lets him open his mouth. He needs his bubble popped and his big mouth shut. He needs to be knocked down to the bottom notch.

    The idea of him being allowed to come on Celebrity Big Brother makes me crazy! It’s a show I watch over here in America, and if they had THIS colossal asshole on it I would tune out bigtime! Can you imagine how TORTURED the other houseguests would be being stuck in the place with that self-centered freak talking non-stop about himself?! I’d want to slit my own throat!

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