Not long ago, Russell Crowe, 50, made some comments about actresses over 40 who complain there aren’t enough roles for them. He said that the unhappy actresses wanted to continue playing ingénue roles as if they were still 21 and couldn’t understand why they weren’t cast. He praised Meryl Streep for playing her “age.” This infuriating chauvinism probably broke up his own marriage! Crowe doesn’t acknowledge that MALE stars habitually play younger and their love interests are DECADES younger. Actresses are often doomed to playing “girlfriends” when they’re young, and “moms” when they age, because few movies are ABOUT women. The problem is there are not enough females writing scripts about women and not enough female studio heads okaying them. White men still rule in Hollywood. Meanwhile lookswise, Crowe does NOT seem to be holding up as well as Sharon Stone

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  1. Seriously. What if all of the 40+ women in the world starting dressing, grooming, and feeding themselves like ol’ Russell?

  2. Unfortunately I know exactly what he meant. There are many vain woman in the biz, shocking I know, who think they should be offered parts that aren’t appropriate for them. And because of the vanity they will even read this and not believe it is about them, cough Demi cough Halle cough cough cough cough cough fill in the blanks

  3. Actually, HE’S RIGHT. Men can be a part of procreating as they age but women can not. So an older gal playing a younger woman IMHO doesn’t work and I am an older woman.

  4. If there was a market for ‘movies ABOUT women’ they would make them. The only people that go to movies are tweens and teens that want to see ‘sexy vampires’ and computer generated explosions.

  5. they just need the simple, mental & physical strong family man back.
    because this is the role model to their kids!!

  6. Janet why was it necessary to say something racist to make your point? “White men still rule”? Well black men still rule the NBA, rap music ect. So what exactly was your point? You act as if the KKK was standing outside Hollywood preventing black people from making movies.

  7. If he was trying to look as old and unkempt as possible, he certainly succeeded! And to think that I thought he looked hot in Gladiator! I guess that was longer ago than I thought!

  8. He is Australia’s pride and joy? NOT

    He looks as old as his grampa. LOL

  9. every career has a shelf life and this is especially true for the entertainment career.

    russel crow has a point, but when you think about HIS career you can see hes only 50 years old and he has been overlooked for leading man roles that younger actors like bradley cooper and ryan gosling are being cast for.

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