As if the debacle of Rockstar Supernova wasn’t enough to rob him of his last remnant of rock n roll credibility, Tommy Lee has taken it a step further. He introduced his clothing line, TL for PL , (Tommy Lee for Peoples Liberation) at Bloomingdale’s (not exactly the hippest of stores.) His collection includes t shirts, hooded sweats and denim feauring images of his tattoos. Here he models one of his designs – a faux army jacket with matching camo collar and cuffs. We think it’s even too corny for Clay Aiken to wear.

Name Please

Whoops! It looks like legal problems have stripped Supernova of their name! This dilemma couldn’t have worse timing–just as the band is about to go on tour. Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, Gilby Clarke and OUR predicted winner Lukas Rossi, need a new name for their band – FAST! Got any suggestions?



This morning they taped the finale of Rockstar Supernova and just as this site predicted, LUKAS is the winner! We’re doing our victory dance! We thank all the supportive readers who never doubted we were right. Now aren’t all you readers who vociferously scoffed at us a bit ashamed? Especially Dave Navarro, who insisted we were just guessing and attempted to belittle this site by saying we were “no Perez Hilton.” We may not be Perez, but YOU Dave, are no Tommy Lee either! Sorry to rub it in, but we were 100% RIGHT, Dave, when we named the winner back on August 27. We realize CBS is not happy about the leak that the winner was actually chosen quite awhile back, and it may raise questions about how fair the contest really was. But that’s YOUR problem. We’re just here to inform our readers!


Judging by his past badmouthing of this site, Dave Navarro isn’t going to like the following piece of information ONE BIT. Despite Dave’s protestations, readers of this site already KNOW who the winner of Rockstar Supernova will be. We have another tidbit of incriminating evidence to reveal: Promotional photos have ALREADY BEEN TAKEN of the winner with his new band! Major gigs for the band are in the works – including what will be a highly publicized New Years Eve show. New readers might be advised to click here and visit the original item that started what we hear is a firestorm at CBS.


No WONDER Dave Navarro became so indignant when we tastefully revealed the upcoming winner of Rockstar Supernova! He personally attacked this website and now we know why. It’s because everyone on the set of Supernova has been accusing each other of leaking the winner’s name! Lots of backstage drama while they try to sleuth out the culprit. Many accusing fingers have been pointing at Dave. We think Navarro might be feeling just a teensy bit GUILTY because he has a big mouth – we’ve heard he leaked the winner to a certain late night talk show host who has been blabbing the news all over town!