Sometimes we can’t resist sharing a snippet of gossip from our political insider: Disgraced former president Donald Trump is scheming to get back into the White House and we hear that he wants to turn his biggest threat into his running mate. According to our source, the ONLY republican candidate Trump is worried about is moderate Nikki Haley. (She’s the one who doesn’t want to criminalize abortion among other sane ideas) Trump fears Nikki is the only one standing in his way of becoming the republican nominee. Behind VERY closed doors he’s had his people reach out to offer her the spot of vice president – IF she agrees to drop out of the race soon, and join his ticket! For now, Nikki has no desire to abandon her OWN White House dream, but if she doesn’t do well in the early primaries next year, she COULD take Trump up on his idea!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA