Questionable Taste


Maybe the fact that she’s now single has inspired Madonna to fall back into old habits. You might remember, she had times in her life when nudity and shock value were very important to her- usually between boyfriends. Her fans had widely varying reactions to this questionable photo she posted and captioned “jet lag.” As usual there were guys drooling, but plenty of scolding, too. Some were gagging and called her a narcissist. Others feared this pic would “damage her legacy.” Others accused her of “trying way tooo hard” and suggested she “get help.” An older more practical fan commented “I cringe for your kids.” We’re guessing Madonna won’t read the negative comments, but we do hope she finds a boyfriend soon…

Photo: Instagram


Since she announced that she’s pregnant (maybe twins), Britney Spears has changed her odd Instagram account somewhat. She’s eased up on those videos of her repetitiously swaying and spinning in assorted 2 piece girly outfits with the bottoms rolled as far down as possible. (She calls it dancing.) Now she’s concentrating on nudes- photos taken before she got pregnant. She always posts little cover-ups on her privates, but instead of being delighted, her loyal fans are worried and want to know WHY. One pointed out that this could be embarrassing for her two sons. Good point. One advised Britney to “get help!” Another asked “Are we sure Britney is OK? Another, referring to her canceled conservatorship: “I think we made a mistake!” Also “Someone please take her phone away!”
(Wonder what’s under that white heart in the corner?)
Photo: Instagram