Pine Brothers Cough Drops



Liza Minnelli, 68, may be a legend but that no longer excuses bad behavior. According to Page Six she was hired to shoot an ad for Pine Brothers Cough Drops (our favorite) and had a mile long list of demands. They included two cartons of cigarettes, a humidifier, 6 cases of Bai antioxidant drink, food and body scales, black Egyptian cotton towels, a $400 coffee service, AND SO ON. (Plus hair and makeup.) It was all waiting for her on shoot day, but she backed out, saying she felt “too much pressure.” Frantic producers called no-nonsense Martha Stewart, 72, and she rushed over and was camera ready in ten minutes. She shot the ad, which ran during The Golden Globes, like a pro. She earned around a million dollars for forty minutes of work! It’s time for Liza and all the other divas in the world – to snap OUT of it! We no longer choose to indulge self-centered people. What the world needs, is more women like Martha Stewart who get the job DONE.