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We finally pieced together from various sources exactly WHAT caused the beautiful Glee actress to drown. First of all, we wonder WHY Naya Rivera chose to rent a boat and take her little boy out on the lake alone if she wasn’t experienced. When they were in the middle of the lake she turned the motor off but FAILED to drop the anchor. She made sure her son wore his life vest, but she did not wear hers when they hopped overboard. While they were swimming near the boat a strong current came along and the unanchored boat drifted away. Still in the water, she grabbed her son and swam as fast as she could to catch the swiftly moving boat. When she finally was able to grab the edge, she was SO exhausted that she used her last ounce of strength to push him onboard and she slipped into the water. It was all about the ANCHOR.

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In his own quiet way, David Spade, 52, IS quite a ladies man. Through the years the former SNL comic has dated numerous models and actresses (most of them taller than him) including Nicollette Sheridan and Heather Locklear. He makes them laugh. Since January he’s been keeping company with Maxim model and Glee actress Naya Rivera, 30. They were even seen frolicking in a pool in Hawaii. After winking that they were “just friends” they came out in the open last night on a dinner date at Catch in West Hollywood.

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Glee star Naya Rivera, who bears a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian from the neck up, has a clever idea you might want to steal for a Halloween costume. She posted photos of herself clad in her own wedding gown, which she used in July when she married actor Ryan Dorsey. She slapped a SPECIAL DELIVERY envelope and stamps on the front of her dress and called herself a “mail order bride.” Best of all, she got to wear her wedding dress again!