Valentines Day approaches, and if you have a significant other, it’s nice to present him or her with a significant token of your appreciation. Anyone who’s a David Bowie fan is likely to fall in love with this not-so-usual gift. It’s a David Bowie Monopoly game and the winner will become a music superstar. Instead of real estate like Boardwalk, this game features Bowie albums that a player can buy. After securing albums, players can buy stages and stadiums that other players can “rent” when they roll into town.The movable tokens are items from Bowie history, like a lightening bolt or space helmet. Familiar situations like Free Parking and Go To Jail are included in this game, now selling for from $60 to $80. Keep in mind, someday this game might become a highly collectible item and appear on a future Antiques Roadshow …

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