Adrian Brody and his girlfriend Georgina Chapman are enjoying their vacation on a yacht in St Tropez. We wonder what his female friends think of Georgina. You will recall she was married to despicable serial sex offender Harvey Weinstein from 2007 until he was accused of crimes against over 80 women in four countries in 2017. He was also famous for forcing his actresses to wear Marchesa dresses on red carpets. Marchesa was Georgina’s company (Harvey was an investor.) Through all this, Georgina maintains that she knew NOTHING about her husband’s revolting activities. Most people – especially women- find that IMPOSSIBLE to believe. (Even I heard many awful stories.) Needless to say, Marchesa is not as “popular” as it used to be- nor is Georgina…

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Kevin Connolly, 47, is no longer the Entourage playboy he was a few years ago. In fact, he’s had a few close calls recently. Last year in the midst of the MeToo frenzy, he was accused of sexually assaulting a costume designer named Gracie Cox at a wrap party in 2005. The assault was investigated and appeared to be true, and Kevin was very lucky because Cox never filed a police report or pursued it further. In June, Kevin and his girlfriend, Colombian actress Zulay Henao, 42, (age appropriate!) had a baby daughter named Kennedy. When she was just six weeks old, Kennedy contracted Covid after Kevin had it (he WAS vaccinated) and the parents were terrified. Fortunately, Kennedy recovered and the family turned up this weekend at a party at Holiday Road – its a Christmas village and light show in Calabasas.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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