Photo: Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

Unbelievable. Those two women imprisoned in a Cleveland basement for ten years by Ariel Castro are ASKING JOAN RIVERS FOR AN APOLOGY! If you recall, Joan made an offhand comment about the tiny room she occupies at her daughter’s house and wisecracked “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.” That’s all she said. Granted, the kidnap situation was far from amusing, but Joan likes to be shocking and can be interpreted as mean-spirited. (Off camera she is a very nice woman) Still, it wasn’t a direct insult to the victims – just a reference. What IS shocking is the fact that the two victims would take Joan’s remark personally and DEMAND AN APOLOGY. An apology for WHAT? Joan is right to ignore them.


Imagine having your newborn baby stolen from the hospital and having her return as an adult 23 years later! The kidnapper in this shocking news event was just sentenced to a mere 12 years in prison and the story is being made into a Lifetime TV movie. Long story short: Ann Pettway disguised herself as a nurse and stole Carline White from the hospital, devastating her mother Joy White and father. The parents sued the hospital and got a settlement of $750,000 – fighting over the money contributed to their breaking up. Baby Carlina grew up haphazardly with her mentally deranged and drug addled abductor. When she realized she had no birth certificate, she became suspicious, researched online and learned that her real parents lived 45 minutes away. She was already damaged goods when she reunited with her mother Joy (played by Sherri Shepherd in the movie.) Imagine the psychological implications! Carlina was her mother’s flesh and blood but they had little in common- Carlina’s upbringing lacked education, family values, ethics. etc. And her lawyer pushed her to ask her mother about the settlement money! They are now estranged. Carlina’s mother said “My daughter found me, but I still haven’t found my daughter.” It’s a chilling story.

(Above, the real Carlina reunites briefly with biological parents)