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Kate Middleton continues to be MIA, and her absence this week at the 80th celebration for D-Day in France was just the latest since her health battle began. Here’s what we know. Kate isn’t out of the woods yet, but she’s on her way to recovery. Although her stamina is improving she’s been advised by her doctors to avoid all public gatherings since her immune system is compromised while she undergoes treatment. Once her treatment concludes, she’s vowing to make up for lost time and resume her duties.

We’ve continued to update you on the trials and tribulations Leah Remini has been dealing with as she struggles to unload her Studio City, California home. We recently heard this tidbit. Leah just replaced her former realtors at Compass with Josh and Matt Altman, better known as the Altman Brothers. My source says the brothers have vowed to get to the bottom of it, and find out if Leah’s former associates in Scientology are behind the issues she’s been experiencing.

Melania Trump just dropped this bombshell on her husband Donald: If he recaptures the White House he shouldn’t expect her to join him in relocating to Washington DC. Win or lose, Melania’s plan is to divide her time between New York City and Palm Beach. She doesn’t have much interest in life in DC, especially now that her son Barron will be off at college. As my source puts it, the last thing she wants to do is be trapped in the White House with her husband and not her son.

Jennifer Lopez dominated the headlines this week after canceling her concert tour and vowing to spend more time with her family. As we previously reported J.Lo’s priority is to save her marriage to Ben Affleck. We just heard this update. Jen and Ben are planning a family vacation combining all of their kids, as soon as Ben wraps up his currently filming movie, a sequel to his successful 2016 film, The Accountant. My source says it will be a make or break vacation and will likely determine if they stay together.

And finally, last week we told you that Jean Smart’s MAX series, Hacks, was being renewed for season four. Soon after other outlets picked up our scoop and the streaming giant confirmed it. Here’s an update: Jean is hoping to reunite with her former Designing Women costar, Annie Potts next season. A role for Annie is currently being written, but Jean doesn’t want to jump the shark and make it a cliche. She has wanted to reunite with Annie for the longest time, so the writers are working overtime coming up with something worthy.

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The season three finale of Hacks just dropped on the streaming service MAX and we have some good scoop on the highly acclaimed and popular show. Although it hasn’t been announced, season 4 is a go and you can expect to see all of the familiar faces, even those who appear just briefly. According to our source, series star Jean Smart makes a conscious effort to ensure even the smallest characters have enough lines so they can continue with their SAG/AFTRA benefits. As my source puts it, Jean is not only the matriarch on the show, but she’s taken on a motherly role to the cast.

The verdict is in and Donald Trump was found GUILTY on all 34 criminal charges making him a convicted felon, and we just heard this interesting tidbit: As we previously reported, Melania Trump stayed away from the courthouse and our inside source reveals WHY. It was her psychic advisor who told her to keep her distance! Apparently Melania consults her psychic before making major life decisions, interestingly enough, this mimics another former First Lady, Nancy, Reagan, whose friendship with psychics made headlines back in the 1980s. Melania’s medium told her nothing good would come if she attended the trial, and apparently she was right!

The late but not so great O.J. Simpson made headlines after a new $500,000 tax lien came to light. According to our source, O.J’s two kids with his late wife, Nicole Simpson, Sydney and Justin are collaborating on a reality show based on everything they know and what they suspect. My source says the kids are scrambling to make money now that OJ’s dead, as he financially helped them. The untitled project hasn’t found a home yet, but is being shopped around to streaming services. We will keep you posted.

Paris Hilton made headlines yet again for another mishap with her young son. A few weeks ago she was taken to task for posting a photo of her son incorrectly placed in a car seat and now once again she made headlines posting a photo of her son wearing a lifejacket that was on backwards. According to our source, the new mom is trying her best, but really doesn’t have much practical experience with babies, so she recently hired a private tutor to teach her the ABC’s of motherhood. Our source says that Paris hasn’t doesn’t want to make any more public errors when it comes to her kids, so the tutor is showing her ins and outs. Our source reveals that Paris has already spent $10,000 on her parental training.

And finally, Nicki Minaj made headlines as she was arrested in Amsterdam over a soft drug related charge. Although she was released with just a small fine, our inside source reveals the whole thing doesn’t pass the sniff test. Because of the delay, Nikki missed her show in Manchester, England, but our source points out that the venue was FAR from sold out, and can’t help but wonder if the entire incident was manufactured to save Nicki the embarrassment of performing in a non-packed arena.

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It’s Jean Smart to the rescue. The multiple Emmy winner has been a close friend of Christina Applegate since they costarred in the sitcom Samantha Who? back in 2007 – Jean played Christina’s mom on the series. Now Jean is using her clout to get Christina a guest starring role on her hit show Hacks. Christina has all but retired from acting as she deals with her MS diagnosis, but Jean is creating a part that will incorporate Christina’s illness and accommodate her limited mobility. My insider says that Jean has enough power to call the shots and she feels getting Christina in front of the camera again, even if just for one episode, will be just what the doctor ordered…

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