Fast & Furious


The Telegraph in the UK asked this question and it appears the answer is yes. And Vin Diesel’s former co-star Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson heartily agrees. Director Justin Lin, who worked on 5 Fast & Furious movies and was set to direct the next two, just walked OUT because he cannot bear to work with Diesel again. Lin said the 10 million dollar salary was not worth sacrificing his “mental health.” We all know what Vin’s past costar The Rock thinks of him. The Rock praises his female costars but says the men are a different story. The Rock is known for being a likable guy on all sets and has little patience for tyrants – he doesn’t tattle, but drops hints. Diesel is known for keeping everyone waiting for hours on sets. The Rock turned down BIG money offers to work again with Diesel. Did you know Vin has it written into his contract that he can never be seen LOSING a fight onscreen? Isn’t that just too macho for words!

Photo: Fast & Furious