Just another Labor Day in Soho with an abundance of characters walking around. Wait – this one looks vaguely familiar! It turns out to be Jared Leto, who is famous both for his acting (Dallas Buyers Club) and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. His mask is vaguely reminiscent of Kanye West. Leto’s band has SUCH a cult following (they tour constantly) that he hosted an event where fans of the band paid to be isolated on an island in Croatia for a 3 day music festival featuring yoga and movie screenings. (this was right before Covid) Everyone, including “cult leader” Leto, wore white, and hundreds of devoted “worshippers” took part in the festivities.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


Back in 2006 we wrote about the similarities in Katie Holmes’ life and the movie “Rosemary’s Baby. At the time we weren’t taken particularly seriously, but US magazine just brought up the comparison again. For those who don’t remember the exact plot of Rosemary’s Baby, here’s a movie synopsis from Yahoo :

“A young married couple, trying unsuccessfully to conceive, finally have it happen when the husband strikes a deal with the devil worshippers next door. All of this is unbeknownst to the poor wife/mother who soon realizes she could be having Satan’s child.”

In the movie, Rosemary’s husband is lured into the cult to help his career – he was a struggling ACTOR. The newlywed couple lived in New York and was surrounded by helpful cult members while she was pregnant. When she became pregnant the cult was convinced it was the rebirth of their leader – satan. When Katie was pregnant, there was Scientology speculation that L Ron Hubbard‘s soul would return in her child because her husband is so high ranking in the cult.
It is gratifying to know we were on the right track with this even if it’s somewhat tongue in cheek. There ARE similarities, to be sure. We wonder if Katie has seen this very special movie.


We’re always happy when another negative Scientology story is printed and this time director Paul Haggis, (“Million Dollar Baby” and “Crash”) who left the cult, spilled the beans to New Yorker magazine. He covered a lot of familiar territory and pointed out that the Scientology schools (like the one Will and Jada Smith started) give limited and highly questionable educations and emphasized that most high ranking Scientologists are school drop-outs. (When Haggis’s daughter left Scientology school at 11 to attend a regular school she was surprised to find out she was “illiterate.”) Besides all the usual weirdness, the article also says the FBI is investigating the cult for “human trafficking abuses.” Good. Now what we need is the IRS to force this cult to pay taxes. If it means ALL religions must be taxed- so be it! One more thing – Haggis says “These people have long memories” and he bets that within 2 years we’ll be reading a scandal about him that seems to have nothing to do with the church.

Ambitious Cult

A powerful religious cult has set their sights on a major female celebrity whose career has plateaued of late. The cult’s most famous member has been stirring up a lot of controversy recently and the group wants another big name they can depend on. This powerful female celebrity has been hanging around with a new best friend lately – a performer who happens to be a high ranking member of the cult. All signs point to imminent recruitment.