British Vogue


Is this is how the #MeToo movement has affected a new generation of actors? Gradually it’s become hip to identify with non-binary- not too masculine and not too feminine. Heterosexual Timothee Chalamet personifies the less masculine demeanor that girls his age love. He played a gay teen in Call Me by Your Name and it made him a star. (Before #MeToo, if a male star played a gay role it was career suicide.) Timothee wore a gender-fluid women’s lace Vuitton jacket without a shirt to the Oscars, and a red backless halter top to the Venice Film Festival. He’s currently promoting his film Bones and All in which he plays a bisexual cannibal, on the cover of British Vogue. And he’s the first man to grace that cover without a female. Hyper-masculine movie stars (like Tom Hardy) should consider themselves warned! Keep in mind Brad Pitt is already wearing skirts…

Photo: British Vogue