Amy Arbus


madonnacut.jpgIf you want to see what eighties fashion REALLY looked like, as worn by the hip downtown crowd in Manhattan, dash over to the Stephen Cohen Gallery on Beverly Boulevard. What a rush of memories! See the big versions of the brilliant Amy Arbus photographs included in her book “On the Street 1980-1990.” You’ll be transported to this fabulous period of time. Thrift shop clothes were mixed with designer pieces, punk, S&M, rockabilly, mountainous sprayed Flock of Seagulls hairdos- it’s all there. Along with some of the great characters of the era, nonchalantly wearing the styles – Madonna, Joey Arias, Katy K, and John Sex, to name a few. Young Madonna in her stained men’s overcoat and peculiar shoes with a jaunty scarf- we loved her then. These classic photos are a great investment – at the very least get the book.