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It’s Carmen Electra arriving at Villa Lounge with her current companion, musician Rob Patterson from Korn. He inspired her to get that R tattooed behind her ear. Carmen has always had eclectic taste in men – mainly rockstars- remember, years ago, she was discovered by Prince, who changed her name from Tara Leigh Patrick to Carmen Electra.


  1. Is it just me or has Carmen finally “hit the wall”? Not looking so good these days.

  2. I know phuck dolls that have less mileage on them than Carmen “KUMSLUT” Electra.
    You can really tell a lot about a woman by who they date.
    Carmen is a skank. I hope the guy double bags his pecker cuz she’s a petri dish of STDs.

  3. Look in Webster’s DICK-tionary under Carmen Electra and you will find the definition: whore, slut, skank, nympho, bi-sexual, filthy, sex-addict, washed-up scuz. All the so-called men she attracts are scum, too. BTW, has her chin grown, it looks huge.

  4. Oh come on now! Leave Caremen alone! It’s her right to have bad taste in men and to be a complete skank! It doesn’t make her a bad person just because she likes unprotected an-al sex with unsavory men.

  5. Her and that bulldyke Joan Jett were rubbing muffs not too long ago weren’t they?
    Mimi, it’s not just you. Carmen’s a whore but she still managed to keep herself together, up until she married that weirdo Dave Navorro. Every since then it’s fell all apart. It looks as if “Diet Coke” or “smack” may be involved now as well.

  6. Kiss of death to a relationship: having your partner’s name tattooed anywhere on your body.

  7. He had a record, but he’s not a musician….Talk about ECLECTIC-let’s not forget Dennis Rodman!!!

  8. Who else has Carmen been with besides Dennis, Dave, and Prince? Is this guy a weirdo?
    What is the scoop on him?

  9. Good gravy, who would want to date this used whore? She will surely burn in hell for all eternity.

  10. carme has been rode hard and used up, and I mean every hole. Plus she is a size queen, she’s been bored out.

  11. Last we heard she was being ridden regularly by the bull dykiest Joan Jett!

  12. The root of the matter is this girl has many demons of lust and depravity. She needs an exorcism and quick. First of all, she needs prayers, the little lost soul.

  13. I even think they ROCK in bed!!

  14. Carmen is just like Bill Clinton described Hillary, “She’s eaten more pussy than I have.”

  15. The drugs, alchole, no eating and she looks anorexic. p.s. loren conrad look a like

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