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38 thoughts on “CAPTION THIS ONE

  1. First we had the Three Tenors… and now the Three Benders

  2. Top, Bottom, Versatile. Not in that particular order either 😉

  3. Anderson has a strange but happy look on his face. Hey…..where’s Sir Elton’s left hand?????

  4. William Fitspatrick, Patrick Fitswilliam, and Fill Macrackin????

  5. Just a minute here. How on earth did the completely unknown and not that great looking David Furnish not only end up married to one of the world’s greatest rock stars but cozing up to one of the most popular CNN anchors?! And don’t say it’s his package. That’s too easy. What is it??? Could it be that he’s a super nice guy? Or that he’s willing to debase himself 100% (and I mean that in a sexual way as I would for a woman; it’s not gay related)

  6. I have to give it up for the Vaseline comment. Ha! Perfecto!
    Nice one QUEER AS FOLK!

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