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Tori Spelling’s book “Stori Telling” is a fun read and it reveals a lot of personal things about her mother Candy that may or may not have been remembered with total accuracy. Anyway, Candy was indignant about the book for a long time and she and Tori only made up after Tori’s first child Liam was born. However, it seems Candy is not exactly a doting grandma. At the Juicy >Couture opening party in New York, someone asked Candy how Tori’s new baby daughter is doing and Candy couldn’t remember the baby’s name! She blamed it on the champagne. (Her name is Stella and she’s doing fine.)


  1. Could the World care even less about the filthy adultress Tori Spelling and her complete loser cheating moronic husband Dean Mcdopey?
    I mean this is a guy who abandoned his previous Wife and two children over a trist with Tori Spelling? ROTFLMAO! Tori Spelling? Was he drunk? LOL!
    This fool will dump her and cheat on her just as he did in the past as he is the classic Narcissist.

  2. And little Stella will be doing even better if she hasn’t inherited any of grandmama Candy or mama Tori’s looks.

  3. Candy has always had this thin, fine over-bleached hair. The bleaching and back-combing apparently went to her brain; that and rivers of booze, thus explaining her fuzzy memory.

  4. That is a hysterically funny story. Too bad Candy can’t accept her gold-digger son-in-law and his spawn; she was a champion gold-digger herself. Poor Tori is trying to achieve some semblance of normalcy, and her crazy mama is just not going to let it happen. To Candy’s defense, it’s brutally hard to be left single at her stage of life. But it’s still the theatre of the absurd.

  5. She must not remember her granddaughter’s name because she never sees her. All the money in the world, and she doesn’t give Tori any money or see her own grandkids.

  6. All the money in the world won’t buy this harridan a decent personality.
    But as a former call-girl, she done pretty good.

  7. With all her money, she doesn’t have to remember their names; she has a stable of help to remind her of such petty things. lol
    btw, it still pisses her off that she and Aaron spent 2 or 3 million on Tori’s wedding to Charlie, only to have them split a few months later.

  8. Why didn’t Aaron Spelling see this coming? Why leave all his money to her, when she’s so greedy, she would cut out Tori if she could? It sounds like she had blackmail over him.

  9. I read Charlie say the Spellings asked Tori to have her wedding on July 3 instead of July 4th, so they wouldn’t have to pay the wait staff time and a half for a holiday.

  10. I bet if Stella turns out to be a ‘beautiful girl’, she’ll want to know her!

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