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Madonna is relieved since Harvey Weinstein bought the distribution rights for her movie called “W.E.” about a modern woman obsessed with the Duchess of Windsor. However, people who’ve seen it have given it mixed reviews – some saying it has more style than substance. One observer compared it to a Chanel perfume ad. Which is not a bad thing – the period wardrobe (some of it by Galliano) and sets are said to be quite sumptuous for a small budget film. But the script, written by Madonna and her friend Alek >Keshishian is somewhat confusing. Whether Madonna likes it or not, Harvey Weinstein is recutting the movie to make it more palatable to viewers. (Above, Madonna is directing Abbie Cornish)



  1. …………let’s not discuss her singing here.

  2. I guess drinking all that Kabbalah water is giving her renewed strength to fall flat on her face, hopefully. Nothing about this demonic piece of flesh is appealing

  3. Well, since GaGa has effectively made Madge redundant, Madonna may as well make some bad movies before she throws in the towel.
    It was a good run though.

  4. Well since she’s demonstrated time and again that she can’t act, the answer to your question Janet is probably yes. Of course in this case, being better at direction doesn’t mean that it will be any good.

  5. She must best ex-hubby Richies’ moving making talents as he called her a granny, and make herself absolutely reek with the nastiest stench in all of Great Britain’s territory, and this disgust and repulsion of her extends to everyone who lives there, and abroad.. from now until eternity, how dare they call her madge, and it will happen.. before she dies.. she MUST!

  6. I agree with all of the above.

    Madonna should just F-Off!!

    That OLD broad has enough money.

  7. Her entire career in the movies—whether acting or directing—proves that having huge ambition is not at all the same thing as having actual talent.

    Madonna’s conception of “W.E.” will be bush-league because she lacks taste.

    And everyone knows this because of 25 years of being subjected to her—including her last tour when she had herself crucified onstage (Edgy!) to demonstrate the absolute limits of her artistic sensibilities.

    OF COURSE Harvey is going to recut her unwatchable movie—his commercial instincts are proven, after all, even if Madonna doesn’t recognize “her” film when Harvey and Co. are through with it.

    But if Madge plays her cards right (maybe she could offer up Lourdes as a sort of “gift basket?”—oh, wait—Harvey generally likes ’em blonde and not-hairy, so, NO), anyway, as long as Madonna doesn’t piss him off too much, there’s a good chance that Weinstein may even get behind a campaign to garner the film a nomination for Best Art Direction or Best Costume Design.

    (And judging by the plot-line, the inspiration for this screenplay sounds
    like it miraculously occurred to M. while she watched “Julie and Julia.”)

  8. Hey, you all hold off there! It’s clear Madonna is a serious artiste–just look at her glasses, hat, and funky scarf, and no makeup. Only true artistes dress like that.

  9. You’d think Madonna was painting the movie instead of trying to direct.

  10. Some very humourous comments!!

    Well she hasn’t had any luck or talent with acting, so having to direct…. well we shall see, but doesn;t look promising at this stage. but of course, having a person with proven talent and success, the movie may do ok.

    At least she keeps trying.

  11. Hope she’s not counting the people in lines for her movie yet, because there won’t BE any. The fact that someone else has to come in and recut the damn thing is BAAAD news….added to the first fact of MADONNA being the “director” (a-hem!!). Apparently she doesn’t remember the horendous failures of her past “movies” where she pretended to act and came off as rediculous as she did in her video’s and shows. her “acting” really sucks and always has. She nearly annihilated Warren Beatty’s career along with hers!
    It’s funny to me that everyone can see what a fool she’s making of herself with this vanity production, but SHE can’t figure out that she’s only doing it to make herself bigger in HER OWN MIND!

  12. Madonna is a great woman with smart and looks and she is a great singer and lovely lady and I have loved her from the first moment I Heard her sing. She is wonderful and a gift.

  13. Casonia: Tell me, is there heavy wire mesh on your window? And what time does the med cart come ’round?

  14. Hold off now Madonna was brilliant in Evita and in the Next Best Thing. She always strives for excellence. Yes she CAN act and I don’t see where any of you losers have ever directed a film.

  15. “Casonia logenberry”, just ask Caresse Henry’s how great madonna is!!

  16. Yes she was pretty good as Susan…The cloths and the hair style and Music but the acting really sucked but it is her History and Men just love her and really want to be with her from all over the world..Yes she can Dance her Ass off and When I heard her for the first time….Yes I thought she was black!

  17. I really love her music and her singing is out of this world and no one in this world sounds like her and she is mellow and relaxed and she has massive lust and sexy real deep into her music and Her acting is?Reta My Dear…Are you talking about yourself and your life? Dear Denis is Reta talking about herself? With the Mess/Meds issue?Madonna is off the Hook Hot in Evita..She really Rocked that roll..The Hell out… Fantastic and the music I LOVE TO LISTEN TO AND SO AT TIMES..Just play the whole thing and it is Delightful from start to finish!

  18. Who in the Hell is Caresse Henry? Don’t get me wrong I am not attracted to Madonna acting but her singing really moves me and her live concerts really burn up and really blow me away..All that Dancing and singing and every one playing off each other?

  19. The only think Madonna can do is sing, and wear clothes that are 40 years younger than her.

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