If Anne Hathaway is still wondering why so many people seem to hate her online, here’s a possible reason. Page Six revealed that while filming “The Intern” in New York with Robert DeNiro (photo above,) Anne was supposed to take a bite of chocolate cake for one scene. She’s fussy about what she eats and insisted on having gluten-free vegan cake for her scene. An assistant from the prop department was immediately dispatched to FIND suitable cake and rushed back to the set with it as soon as possible. If the story is accurate, it won’t do anything to improve Anne’s likeability.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Anne should learn that the world despises a self-important diva. And especially one that is not that attractive nor a great actress. But alas, they seldom learn because they can’t see past their huge ego.

  2. true…and she was more than happy to take non gluten free gifts from her Italian fraudster boyfriend!

  3. I feed office staff and everybody seems to want gluten free crap these days. Why is Anne any different?

  4. so true, susie. EVERYONE has a gluten intolerance, its absurd.

    I dont get why Anne Hathaway is hated on while Jennifer Lawrence is slobbered over.
    Ive seen two films starring Anne Hathaway and she was excellent in both, The Devil Wears Prada and Rachel Getting Married.

  5. So?…why should she eat crap if she doesn’t want to. They wouldn’t have had to go far to find one in NY city. this is Minus 99 on the diva demand scale of J Lo. Miley, Mariah and Tom Cruise.

  6. When I saw her in Princess Diaries, I thought this brainless-looking youngster would never make it. I’m still in shock to see that she has.

  7. STFU. If you can’t eat gluten, you can’t eat gluten. Did you watch Dr. Oz and what it can do to you?
    If she were a friend you were catching up with a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you would shrug your shoulders and say whatever floats your boat. We all have a friend that has weird issues and you are still friends. I think there are plenty of other reasons NOT to like Annie H than her fricken’ eating habits.

  8. I am not a big fan of hers BUT I don’t think this is a diva move. If you can’t do gluten then this is a reasonable request especially if there are multiple takes. It’s not like she was demanding something not readily available. There are gluten free bakeries everywhere now.

  9. Someone cited Dr. Oz as a credible source for medical advice? Oh my. Take a look at his Congressional hearing about how he promotes what he’s paid to promote. That being said, you can get vegan, gluten-free chocolate so she should be able to have that, if that’s what she wants. I don’t see it as being a diva.

  10. OH NO.. don’t mess around stealing precious limited, carefully calculate calories from her tasty booze and party-cope stimulants diet! Kaaaaaaaay?

  11. it’s was a tongue in cheek comment, Natalie, but at least you caught half of it. well done.

  12. If this is true and if she’s vegan and gluten free, this is not unreasonable. Everyone’s dietary needs are different. Babycakes in NYC has vegan cakes and I bet they easily do gluten free. In NYC, this would not be hard to find.

  13. Maybe Anne Hathaway who is vegan is allergic of gluten.

  14. Anne was in the right here. She’s incredibly beautiful and successful and people are jealous of her.

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