Caitlyn Jenner is worried about her voice being too deep, but that’s not her only problem! She needs practice in the art of sitting and walking like a female. It’s not as easy as it looks! Her wide legged stance is definitely not feminine and if she SITS like that, she’s in real trouble! Above, she faces the challenge of walking down stairs in heels…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. this is un-natural we get it. PS so is homosexuality (yes I said that).

  2. you think his dick is getting in the way? Maybe that’s the problem.

  3. look under the skirt, he is still a man.
    just dressing up like a woman to fool america!!

  4. So strange. I could deal with him dressing in drag but all the cutting your body up with surgery and messing around with hormones is just too much. It’s self abuse.

  5. Because he is a man and always will be. The rest is the sick agenda pushed aggresively upon us. Hetero is wrong, homo and tranny are OK. Needless to go on….

  6. Bruce is a man and always will be no matter what clothes and wigs he wears he is only fooling himself

  7. Send them all to Syria and let them repopulate it and see how they like their new world.

  8. Yes, we get it. Caitlyn is transgender. It has been going on in the world for centuries. And though you, and many of your right-wing readers, oppose it, it won’t stop many transgender people from living their lives. You just have to get over it. The times, they are a changin’ …

  9. Bruce doesn’t seem to realize he is a senior citizen and needs to stop trying to dress like Kim. Regular women do not always have their tits out and wearing mini skirts when their knees are old wrinkled and big like bowling balls. If he was going to try and do this the time was 40 plus years ago, not now.

  10. Poor Shade wants to poor the shade over peoples eyes.

    Gays want to play the leading woman role in the bedroom, lesbos want to play the leading man!

    Call out these perverts who demand to be taken seriously while acting very sneakily.

  11. Shade this is a mental disorder and it should be helped not enabled. More than 40% of post-op transsexuals end up committing suicide because they are STILL not happy. Bruce needs long term therapy not dresses and plastic surgery.

  12. First, he should be wearing below the knees dresses, and more coverage on top. No one, female or whatever, should be showing cleavage after age 58. A little more decorum, please. One thing, I do give him credit for having gigantic paws. Can’t change that.

  13. For the love of god, put on some pantyhose. There’s no shame in an old gal wearing support hose.

  14. And to think this mess was once the best athlete in the world….now he’s just a weird looking man in drag….with no fashion sense . What a horror.

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