Bruce Willis identifies as an Independent voter but he has some conservative ideas. He believes everyone should be able to have a gun. He dislikes government in general – especially the way his tax money is spent. But what’s more important is his behavior in public. Bruce is a tough guy in his movies and apparently he likes that image. He walked into a Rite-Aid drugstore in LA without a mask. Really. (The pandemic is out of control here) An employee approached him and told him other shoppers were uncomfortable and complained. He was politely asked to cover up. Bruce was wearing a scarf he could have pulled up, but he chose NOT to, and walked out of the store empty handed – with a stern look on his face.

Photo: Bruce appeared on Jimmy Fallon and joked about Donald Trump a few years ago



  1. Instead of wearing a red hat that will soon go down in infamy (Trump impeached TWO TIMES and soon to be found liable for trying to overturn a free and fair election), he should invest in a (perhaps pink?) hat with a Make Willis Great Again, given his over the hill, long in the tooth career.

  2. Right on, Bruce. We’ve been forced to wear worthless masks for damn near a year and it hasn’t helped.

    Anyway, I won’t be partaking in another back and forth with Lipp. Life is short and I’m quite busy.

    One point though – I don’t see Lipp post on anything but this subject. Hmmm.

  3. Silly Light Brigade, or shall I say unenlightened Brigade, the reason I comment on this is because our Democracy has been attacked by flat earth Republicans (no facts, no truth, no science). Trump impeached TWO TIMES. The only President in the history of this country. He will be investigated and likely charged with attempt at a coup. All this while COVID is running rampant in this country and the flat earth Republicans are spreading it in the chambers of our Congress. Just wait until Trump leaves office. Much more no doubt will be coming out regarding illegal behavior. Mark my words.

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