We can’t help but envy Bruce Springsteen’s wife Patti Scialfa. According to Mike Walker at The Enquirer, Bruce gave Patti the best Christmas EVER. Bruce hates to shop so he arranged a shopping spree for Patti at her favorite store – Barneys. He set it up ahead of time and had salespeople in every department – shoes, designer clothing, makeup, handbags, etc, pull things her size that she might like. He brought her to the store and told her to take her time and buy EVERYTHING she wanted! She DID and had the time of her life. Now THAT’S a great husband!


  1. This would not make me happy. He put no thought or effort. He just hired people to basically do their job that they do every day. I’d be much more happy if my significant other picked out something that he knew I would enjoy than tell me to go “buy whatever I wanted”.

  2. On the plus side, Bruce knows his wife’s size, and he hung around the store waiting for her, rather than spend quality time with a mistress. That’s way more than most men in his position would do.

  3. Considering the kind of income they have, isn’t this something she’d do anyway? I’d much have preferred a week at a tropical island where it’s WARM.

  4. It was sweet. Should he have woven a basket? Would that have shown more “thought”? At least it wasn’t gas station roses.

  5. materialistic and shallow – now that is how the straight people do it.

  6. Well hes gotta make up for cheating on her somehow lol wonder if he did the same for his mistress……….

  7. We saw McCartney in B.C. Place in November{KILLER SHOW}and Springsteen the next night in the arena. Springsteen sucked. I never got the attraction. But my wife likes him.
    She was angry with me for pushing Springsteen fans around and taking their beers and yelling moooo when everyone was yelling Broooose.
    Nothing beats seeing Helter Skelter played live by the guy who wrote it though. Paul McCartney sang and played like he was thirty. Crazy!
    Best show I have seen since The Ramones.

  8. aexactly bruce, a wife is the driving force behind a successfull man.

  9. Bruce and Patti have been married long enough that he knows what she would like best, and gave her that. Bruce doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who would be that great at picking out just the right thing. Guys who hate to shop generally aren’t. So instead of criticizing him for what he did for her, look at the positive side and figure out he gave her exactly what she wanted. Love comes in different sorts of packages, pardon the pun. I’d sure love a gift like that!

  10. Ha Guilty conscience….Bruce banging plenty and pulls a Kobe Bryant!

  11. Wasn’t he married when their affair started? Come on he is not true blue, give me a break.

  12. Well,Janet,nothing there to feel envy about.He has been cheeting on his wife forever and she knows it and chooses to ignore it.To me it looks really sad.

  13. Janet, since when do you do this kissass bs? Bruce cheated on his wife with this red skank, cheats on red skank (and refused to marry red skank for years) with tons of other women.

    And trust that she shops all the time anyway, this is nothing. Was this a paid item by BS’s publicist to you?

    Who cares, honestly.

  14. His face is starting to look like Liberace.

    Men should steer clear of the knife. Soon he and Bruce Kardashian will look like twins.

  15. Once a liar and cheat, always a liar and cheater. Mindless consumerism as if you can purchase happiness. Obviously, he can’t buy decency.

  16. That cheap bastard couldn’t close down Neimen Marcus and Tiffany’s too?

  17. Brucie’s ex-wife was gorgeous so why would he dump her for this. His ex I guess got tired of his cheating, but apparently Patti just wants to look the other way. Maybe the more he cheats he can quell the guilt by buying her lots and lots of stuff. That’s a helluva way to live, but I bet there are many other stories out there like this, exp. the Hollywood heavyweights who cheat and keep their little wifey pampered and subdued.

  18. you know she does this kind of shopping all the time. How is this special? Could have done so much more with that kind of money.

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